July 4th race

seating assignments

Left Right

Pauline Ben
Kit Kathy
Judy Ada
Mike Nathan
Julia Chuck
Mina Stefani
Lori M Lori S
Lisa Carolyn
Chris Joyce
Jack Bob


Alternate is Bridget from Rec

We will have 2 races with a third possible race. The for sure ones are at 12:15pm back to back. the third will be used if there is open space on the course after that time. We will meet at 11am at the point fountain at the TRRA kayak booth (just go to the fountatin!)

There is practice on saturday!! (an easy one)

if you have signed up to help sat & sun we are for sure from 3-7pm and I will be there by 12pm sat and if others show up we will run a few extra trips if people sign up. so if you would like to show up early go ahead but if you signed on from 3-7 im counting on you. Sorry Judy we will not be doing anything friday.

IS anyone interested in paddling to see the fireworks sunday night? we may be able to tow the boat down/up if someone is willing to organize. we can do it with 8 paddlers.



Dragonboat Tunes: Music To Paddle By....

Every time Brian told us to "let it ride" at practice on Monday, I'd think of the old BTO song! Maybe we can put together a compilation of dragonboat tunes. We'd have to have "Puff the Magic Dragon" and Billy Squier's "Stroke" song.... What else would fit?


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Calendar Alerts

June 18th (Friday)

We're set up with Giant Eagle! Please let Lisa know the "size" of the Giant Eagle card you'd like to start with.

June 21st Post-Practice Festivity?

Are people interested in having some beer/munchies after practice next Monday (June 21st) to celebrate the summer solstice and about 40 days past Mike's 40th birthday? Maybe Kathy would bring some of her killer bean dip.....

June 26th (Saturday)

Dragon Festival at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Volunteers are needed to staff a Dragonboat Festival booth. Please let Ben know if you are able to volunteer this day.

June 30th (Wednesday)

Deadline for the Great Logo Competition!

July 4th (Sunday)

Dragon boat races as part of the Three Rivers Regatta. Please comment here or talk to Chuck/Ben/Pauline if you are able to paddle against Steel City that afternoon. Members of the rec team will be invited to fill in any empty benches.

TRRA would like volunteers to help staff the booth during the Regatta. If you're able to help on any of the Regatta days, please let Ben know.

September 18th (Saturday)

Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival.

October 2nd (Saturday)

Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival


Recruitment Ideas

From Lori: We came up with several ideas for recruitment of new team members. Please consider the list below and add comments on any additions or suggestions.

•medical community (ex. cardiology, phys therapy, etc.)--for patients
who want/need exercise
•JCC--could we do a presentation there?
•YM/YWCA--downtown (Ada goes there)
•College rowing teams--at least those that shut down during the summer
•Gyms/Fitness Centers
•Diabetes Walk-a-Thon & any other Walk-a-Thons
•Practice (in uniform) where crowds of people are, ex. near the ballpark
when there's a game


Cleveland Addendum

We will not be able to field a team for Cleveland. Thirteen members of the team could attend. No one from the recreational team could attend. I urge any female members of the team who did not commit to the Toronto race due to a possible team commitment to the Cleveland race to consider going to Toronto.



Objective: To design logos for the Pittsburgh Paddlefish; the first a minimal design suitable for embroidering on race shirts, the second possibly more elaborate that can be silk screened on t-shirts, to be used for cover ups and for gifts.
Who is eligible to enter this competition: Paddlefish team members/friends/anyone who wants to.
Prize: To be determined
Jury: To be determined
Deadline: June 30th.
Procedure: All submissions to be emailed to lisa by deadline date. Formats - Corel Draw® (version 9 or lower), Adobe Illustrator®(version 9 or lower), TIFF, EPS, JPEG, GIF.

Here is a great chance to show off your artistic ability and help the team forward.


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Meeting tonight 6/7

Let's have a brief meeting tonight after practise to discuss two issues.
1) Race schedule for the rest of the season. We should make decisions about Cleveland, July 4th, Philli etc and start preparing.
2) Recruitment - what is the best way to do this? We have done 'Open houses', 'bring a buddy'; which has worked, and which hasn't? Who are we trying to recruit?
This also involves an effort to define exactly what kind of team we are and the direction we want to go. (see Chuck's previous post and replies).
I hope everyone can stay and discuss these important questions tonight.
Paddles up!!


Bring A Buddy?

From Jen: I have a friend who's interested in trying dragon boating. A week or two ago there was talk about having another bring-a-buddy-day, are we having one soon? I saw on the blog that there's a learn to row day coming up, but will that be paddling too?


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Administrative stuff

Can people let me know a) whether they can go to Cleveland and b) which of the next several Tuesdays they'd be willing to volunteer on the recreational boat. It would be best if you e-mail me directly rather than post responses on the blog. I can post a summary response on the blog once everyone responds to me.

Why do we do this?

The following is not a rhetorical question.

What does it mean to you to be on a competitive team?

Positions in the boat

Follow this link for a very informative, and often funny, guide to paddling the boat.



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A Dragonboater's Top Ten List

An anonymous paddler posted the following via the Canadian Community Dragonboating Assocation's web site. Paddlefish who have shared a bench near Chuck can only assume that the #1 reason provided here is a clue that this anonymous poster has paddled in Pittsburgh:

Top Ten Signs That You're a Hardcore Dragonboater

10. After a meeting at work, you form a line outside the boardroom and high-five everyone as they file out.

9. Brother's wedding or the Montreal Dragon Boat Festival? Why, that practically answers itself.

8. When stopped at an intersection, you see a car creeping over the solid white line and yell, "man in the red Ford…back it down or you're disqualified!"

7. You have calluses on your ass and palms the size of quarters

6. When running with your friends to catch the last train home from work, you yell "series in 5...4…3…2…1".

5. You are starting to resemble the body shape of a gorilla.

4. You know what a heart attack feels like already.

3. You argue with a 90 year old lady who is sitting in the middle of the bus, claiming that you always sit in the 'engine room'.

2. After a bout of lovemaking with your significant other, you say 'let it run'

1. You have finally found something that smells worse than your hockey bag...PADDLING SHOES!

For more, see http://www.paddlesup.ca/articles.html on the CCDBA site.


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