A Dragonboater's Top Ten List

An anonymous paddler posted the following via the Canadian Community Dragonboating Assocation's web site. Paddlefish who have shared a bench near Chuck can only assume that the #1 reason provided here is a clue that this anonymous poster has paddled in Pittsburgh:

Top Ten Signs That You're a Hardcore Dragonboater

10. After a meeting at work, you form a line outside the boardroom and high-five everyone as they file out.

9. Brother's wedding or the Montreal Dragon Boat Festival? Why, that practically answers itself.

8. When stopped at an intersection, you see a car creeping over the solid white line and yell, "man in the red Ford…back it down or you're disqualified!"

7. You have calluses on your ass and palms the size of quarters

6. When running with your friends to catch the last train home from work, you yell "series in 5...4…3…2…1".

5. You are starting to resemble the body shape of a gorilla.

4. You know what a heart attack feels like already.

3. You argue with a 90 year old lady who is sitting in the middle of the bus, claiming that you always sit in the 'engine room'.

2. After a bout of lovemaking with your significant other, you say 'let it run'

1. You have finally found something that smells worse than your hockey bag...PADDLING SHOES!

For more, see http://www.paddlesup.ca/articles.html on the CCDBA site.


Blogger chuck said...

I attribute #1 to several weeks of soaking my shoes in stinky river water. I had owned those shoes for years and never had a stink problem. I defy anyone in the boat to go for several years without a shower and smell as good as my shoes did...I work with Kit, so she is excepted from this request.

12:54 PM, June 02, 2004  
Blogger lisa said...

And hey she's a barefoot paddler anyway. I agree Chuck, I just had to discard a favorite pair of running shoes after paddling in them last season.

12:59 PM, June 02, 2004  
Blogger Chris said...

Maybe we should add obsessive weather watching. I'm trying to decide if the thunderstorms we are having in my neck of the woods are clearing or if I should drag myself and my smelly paddling shoes (sorry but I'm determined to get a full season out of them) down to the boathouse.

4:49 PM, June 02, 2004  
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