Meeting tonight 6/7

Let's have a brief meeting tonight after practise to discuss two issues.
1) Race schedule for the rest of the season. We should make decisions about Cleveland, July 4th, Philli etc and start preparing.
2) Recruitment - what is the best way to do this? We have done 'Open houses', 'bring a buddy'; which has worked, and which hasn't? Who are we trying to recruit?
This also involves an effort to define exactly what kind of team we are and the direction we want to go. (see Chuck's previous post and replies).
I hope everyone can stay and discuss these important questions tonight.
Paddles up!!


Blogger Chris said...

Sorry, I don't think I will make it to practice tonight, so I'll miss the meeting. My thoughts: Let's go to Philly. I'm prepared to participate in whatever we do over the 4th of July week-end. I don't have any bright ideas for recruitment but hope we can have a mechanism for people to try it out for a minimal charge/free. Didn't I hear Ben mention that there will be a Learn to Dragonboat day in August (modeled after Learn to Row day)? See you all on Wednesday.

2:58 PM, June 07, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Meeting Notes:


Pauline will talk to JW about Toronto -- Paddlefish women who signed up for Toronto should stay tuned.

Chuck is waiting to hear back from Cleveland re registration cost. We need 4-6 more people to commmit.

Pittsburgh Festival is September 18th.

We are committed to Philly. I'll complete the registration form and send in the $250 deposit. Please give Carolyn a check for $25 as your deposit on the race; we will collect the other $25 later in the summer. (Total registration fee = $1000.)


We will meet at P&G Diner after practice (or practise, as Lisa would have it) this Saturday to discuss our recruitment strategies. Bring your ideas of places where we are likely to have a substantial number of potential recruits, people interested in commiting (financially and time- and physical effort-wise) to the team. The general plan is to do an intense recruit effort a week before an open practice. The open practice days may rotate between Sat/Mon/Wed.

Lori M and Pauline, could you post info on the status of the brochure? We'd like to use a brochure (perhaps an updated version of the one used at the Open House this winter) as part of the recruiting strategy.

MISC: We are waiting for a tax ID number before taking the next step with the Giant Eagle fundraising effort. We will hold a little logo contest -- Lisa will post more info on this. In short: please submit, within the next two weeks, your design for a logo we could use for our race singlets and possibly tee shirts.

We did not get to two issues: (a) positions in the boat, and (b) whether/how we see ourselves as a competitive team.

5:46 AM, June 08, 2004  
Blogger lisa said...

So the blogger doesn't have a spell checker! And I did catch it before I sent the email out. I will be more attentive in future Kit.

7:54 AM, June 08, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Oh tosh -- I just figured it was British spelling!

8:23 AM, June 08, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

I forgot one point from the meeting: we agreed that we would all, every single one of us, try to steer at least once. We might each try at a particular practice or in a particular week, but we will all (even those of us who are scared by the very thought of it) give it a try.

Thank God we all wear life jackets.

9:49 AM, June 08, 2004  
Blogger Chris said...

I wasn't at the meeting last night and I am wondering about the rationale for requiring us all to steer. If the goal is to increase the pool of qualified steersmen (an important goal) this seems counter-productive. Speaking for myself, I have a great deal of respect for the skills necessary to safely and effectively steer the boat - and enough knowledge of my limitations to realize I don't have what it takes. If forced to do this, it will be a matter of just trying to get through it - but it will NOT make me willing to ever steer the boat again. Why waste the valuable practice time and perhaps compromise safety? Wouldn't the team be better served by developing the people who are genuinely interested? As adults, we are quite capable of appreciating the unique contributions of everyone on the boat - we all don't have the same strengths or perform the same function yet we work together - Isn't that what a team is?

3:06 PM, June 08, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

No one will be forced to do this, so if you are deeply uncomfortable about giving steering a try, you can opt out. But the rationale for having everyone try it at least once is two-fold: (1) to uncover an unexpected talent or affection for steering, and (2) to help us trust each other and ourselves.

We need more people who can steer in a pinch and on a regular basis. That's just a basic team need. There's a good chance that Paddlefish are natural-born steerspeople and just don't know it!

And a significant number of us are too scared of steering to even try, and so the advantage to having all of us just try it once is similar to the advantage we experienced last fall in having all of us try to do pull-ups: we learn to be vulnerable with others on the team, and we learn that we can do more than we think we can.

10:13 AM, June 09, 2004  

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