July 4th race

seating assignments

Left Right

Pauline Ben
Kit Kathy
Judy Ada
Mike Nathan
Julia Chuck
Mina Stefani
Lori M Lori S
Lisa Carolyn
Chris Joyce
Jack Bob


Alternate is Bridget from Rec

We will have 2 races with a third possible race. The for sure ones are at 12:15pm back to back. the third will be used if there is open space on the course after that time. We will meet at 11am at the point fountain at the TRRA kayak booth (just go to the fountatin!)

There is practice on saturday!! (an easy one)

if you have signed up to help sat & sun we are for sure from 3-7pm and I will be there by 12pm sat and if others show up we will run a few extra trips if people sign up. so if you would like to show up early go ahead but if you signed on from 3-7 im counting on you. Sorry Judy we will not be doing anything friday.

IS anyone interested in paddling to see the fireworks sunday night? we may be able to tow the boat down/up if someone is willing to organize. we can do it with 8 paddlers.



Blogger Kit said...

Thanks for the info, Ben. Are we charging a nominal fee for the 3-7 PM demos, or will those be free?

The fireworks idea sounds great. The boat will still be at the Point at 7, from the demo period; can we paddle it from there to watch the fireworks? Or will the boat be towed back to Millvale at 7, so we'll need to get it at Millvale and bring it back down? (You can tell I didn't do well on story problems in math class.....)

7:35 AM, July 02, 2004  
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