Bring A Buddy?

From Jen: I have a friend who's interested in trying dragon boating. A week or two ago there was talk about having another bring-a-buddy-day, are we having one soon? I saw on the blog that there's a learn to row day coming up, but will that be paddling too?


Blogger Kit said...

TRRA lists the Tuesday rec teams and Dragonboating 101 as two introductions to dragonboating (http://www.threeriversrowing.org/db-newcomers.html). Chuck's been organizing our support of the rec team, which has potential to be a good source for future Paddlefish!

We need more team members, so inviting friends who have a serious interest in committing to this season to a particular practice sounds like another way to grow the team. I don't think we recruited any new team members from the last bring-a-buddy date, so we might want to be strategic about how we do this again. For example, we might want to focus on inviting male friends -- if we can get a certain mass of men at a practice, that might make the team look more feasible to men interested in joining.

Another possibility would be to piggyback on our support of the rec team and bring-a-buddy to those practices, perhaps charging a small fee in acknowledgement that the regular Tuesday evening paddlers have paid for the session already.

3:53 PM, June 05, 2004  

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