More birthday twins :)

Happy Birthday to Judy & Rachel!


Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Happy birthday!

May the years ahead be filled with the perfect combination of "paddles up" anticipation and "let it run" reflection.


We miss you, Jenny!

Our dear friend, Jenny, left us in the same fashion that she came to us. She is sporting two signs created by Rachel.
Hi-- my name is Jenny-- would you like to try my Pringles?
Look out Kansas City!



The final session of DBL has regrettably been canceled by TRRA.

If you've any friends who were due to be participating, it'd be a great idea to get them to come to a Paddlefish practice post-Toronto!... (don't forget to check in beforehand with Laurie B and/or Bob to make sure it's ok).

See you all at the scrimmage on Wednesday :)

I'm off!

I want to thank everyone who made my last practice Saturday an awesome (and quite wet!) one...
I'll miss everyone so much - I won't be able to wait to paddle again...
My email and snail mail addresses will be sent in the next update if anyone wants to keep in touch.

Paddle hard in Toronto for me!


Dragon Boat League - CANCELED :(

As mentioned at practice last night, the final Dragon Boat League of the season (http://www.threeriversrowing.org/db-communityleague.html). starts next Tuesday, and there's still spaces for a few folks to join in!

Get your friends, hapless colleagues and fantastic friends hooked on dragon boating too :)

And if you're feeling a sudden urge to do something noble, that might be because you're feeling somewhat compelled to come out with drumming, steering or paddling at the DBL - showing off your marvellous P'fish technique :)

Let Jonathan or Laurie know if you'll be coming along. The more the merrier! And you might even get to demonstrate the "Wet drummer" technique...


Toronto Solution

Thank you, Paddlefish, for taking some time after practice tonight to vote upon the question of how to fill our empty benches in the Toronto women's boat.

The majority of those present voted not to race with empty benches, and as a solution, to find outside paddlers, from either Steel City Dragons or from Canadian teams, to fill the three vacancies in the women's boat. Outside paddlers will not displace any Paddlefish. The steering committee will begin the process of finding additional outside paddlers.

If you have decided you would like to go to Toronto, or if you've committed to this race but need to back out, please let Jeanne know immediately.

Happy Birthday Kathi :)


Any More Toronto Paddlers?

Some slots have opened up on the Toronto roster. If anyone is interested in going, please let Jeanne know as soon as possible. We are in particular need of women, but any and all Paddlefish are encouraged to sign up.

The current roster is:

Ada, Bob, Carolyn N., Chuck, Dick, Frank, Hongla, Jeanne, Jen, Jim R., Joanne, Jonathan , Judy R., Justin, Kathi, Laurie, Linda, Lori , Marie, Mina, Pam, Rachel, Sarah T., Sophie


Paddlefish Triplets!

Happy Birthday to Jonathan, Rissa, and Dick!

(They are 119 years old, collectively!)

Special thanks to Rissa and Jacob for hosting a fabulous party for the July and August Paddlefish birthdays!

Make a wish, Pfish!

Emily, Rissa, Jonathan, Kathi, Dick, and Linda

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Emily contemplates turning 24, while wearing her custom-made 24 T-shirt.
Sorry this is a day late, but we were all excited to celebrate with you on your actual birthday, 8/11!


Thanks very, very much

Dear Pfish: thank you so much for the beautiful paddle necklace and send-off party at the boathouse...I really appreciated both and have been wearing the necklace constantly (I love it).

I'm now in San Diego - our Freeman family reunion is almost over - sob! But it's been a great way to start my hiatus in the Middle East. And the cousins, aunts, and uncles have given Anna's fiance, Scott, a resounding approval rating, so the marriage is still on - just joking, b/c everyone trusted Anna's decision regardless.

We return to Wisconsin tomorrow and are driving to Chicago on Sunday - I'm departing for Doha from O'Hare about 5:00 pm (via Heathrow) on Sunday evening. And I was able to get the paperwork I needed for Popcorn, so she is coming too.

Once again I'd like to extend an invitation to any and all of you to come visit me - I've been promised a 3 bedroom villa and will have lots of room for company.

Miss you all...paddles up!!


From Scott

Just had the following email from Coach Scott:

Dear Paddlefish,

Just a quick note of appreciation for all of the hospitality that was shown to me during the July 27, 28 & 29 weekend in which I had the privledge of coaching the Pittsburgh Paddlefish on their home turf. Even though I paddle dragon boat somewhere almost every weekend of the summer, the weekend I spent in Pittsburgh will truly stand out as one of my most memorable and enjoyable weekends of the 2007 summer.

Your city is fantastic, your water is excellent, your facility is second to none and most importantly the people are what sets your club apart. Everyone was fun, enthusiastic and very easy to coach.

After last weekend I really do feel like an honourary Paddlefish.

Paddles Up!
Scott Murray


If You Can't Kiss a Pfish, Kiss a Dolphin

We miss you, Rich!


Open Paddle :)

Aug 11th is that day everything is happening... So much partying to be done, and it all begins with the Open Paddle.

Don't forget to invite your family, friends, and the guy next to you in the supermarket check-out :)


things to avoid on the river, #4: Barges

A team in Chattanooga got caught in a tricky situation on the Tennessee River yesterday.

Thankfully everyone came out of the incident unscathed, but it just goes to show, you have to watch your currents... (yes, that's a moving barge they're stuck underneath).


See the full news report here, and video article here

cold showers

An FYI from Rick Brown:

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but there will be no hot water at the Washington’s Landing Boathouse until Tuesday. Showers are available, but they will be cold!"

And I thought Saturday's 300m sprint was tiring...

Read more about a woman who paddled an outrigger canoe from Miami to Maine this summer to raise awareness about saving our oceans.


Jonathan underestimated his paddling opponents for the last time

Here's Jonathan portraying the zombie in Shaun of the Dead.
Actually, he's waiting in the ER for a ride home after his horrific bike accident. Despite the blood, scrapes on his face, broken nose (in two places), and five stitches, he is well on his way to a full recovery.
He's a bit bored without being able to paddle... or was this his way of getting out of the scrimmage tonight. Really, Jonathan, you could have just asked for a night off!


Upcoming SPOs

Take It Away
Originally uploaded by KitAy

We've got a number of Supplemental Paddling Opportunities (i.e. more fun on the river!) coming up in the next month or so. All of these events are based at the Millvale boathouse.

Here's the cheat sheet:

Thursday, August 2nd: 6 PM: Paddle with TRRA's adult and youth league participants in a scrimmage and enjoy food and beverages afterwards! (TRRA supplying the food/bevs for this one.)

Saturday, August 11th: 9 AM: Paddle, drum, steer for our last Open Paddle of the summer season -- complete with food and beverages afterwards! Let Judy R. or Marie H. know what goodies you're contributing.

Saturday, August 11th: 11 AM: Drum, steer, model-paddle for CLAAY: adult mentors of African-American youth.-- CANCELED 08/09/07

Wednesday, August 22nd: 6:30 PM: Scrimmage with Steel City Dragons -- complete with food and beverages afterwards, courtesy of SCD! (Hmmm..... detect a theme here? Paddle, eat, drink....)

Saturday, September 15th: 9 AM: Scrimmage with Steel City Dragons and a number of community teams (SCD Rec, Pink Steel, TRRA DBL, Paddlers for Peace) in an end of the season splash of about 100 Pittsburgh paddlers. TRRA will provide the beverages for this one, and the Pfish will host the brunch.