Thanks very, very much

Dear Pfish: thank you so much for the beautiful paddle necklace and send-off party at the boathouse...I really appreciated both and have been wearing the necklace constantly (I love it).

I'm now in San Diego - our Freeman family reunion is almost over - sob! But it's been a great way to start my hiatus in the Middle East. And the cousins, aunts, and uncles have given Anna's fiance, Scott, a resounding approval rating, so the marriage is still on - just joking, b/c everyone trusted Anna's decision regardless.

We return to Wisconsin tomorrow and are driving to Chicago on Sunday - I'm departing for Doha from O'Hare about 5:00 pm (via Heathrow) on Sunday evening. And I was able to get the paperwork I needed for Popcorn, so she is coming too.

Once again I'd like to extend an invitation to any and all of you to come visit me - I've been promised a 3 bedroom villa and will have lots of room for company.

Miss you all...paddles up!!


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