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We've got a number of Supplemental Paddling Opportunities (i.e. more fun on the river!) coming up in the next month or so. All of these events are based at the Millvale boathouse.

Here's the cheat sheet:

Thursday, August 2nd: 6 PM: Paddle with TRRA's adult and youth league participants in a scrimmage and enjoy food and beverages afterwards! (TRRA supplying the food/bevs for this one.)

Saturday, August 11th: 9 AM: Paddle, drum, steer for our last Open Paddle of the summer season -- complete with food and beverages afterwards! Let Judy R. or Marie H. know what goodies you're contributing.

Saturday, August 11th: 11 AM: Drum, steer, model-paddle for CLAAY: adult mentors of African-American youth.-- CANCELED 08/09/07

Wednesday, August 22nd: 6:30 PM: Scrimmage with Steel City Dragons -- complete with food and beverages afterwards, courtesy of SCD! (Hmmm..... detect a theme here? Paddle, eat, drink....)

Saturday, September 15th: 9 AM: Scrimmage with Steel City Dragons and a number of community teams (SCD Rec, Pink Steel, TRRA DBL, Paddlers for Peace) in an end of the season splash of about 100 Pittsburgh paddlers. TRRA will provide the beverages for this one, and the Pfish will host the brunch.


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