Notes on Practices and Volunteer Opps

  • We're holding Thursday evening practices for the next few weeks. This is not to induce stress; it's just an extra opportunity! If Thursdays don't work for you, we'll love you anyway.

  • No practice on Labor Day: Monday, September 5th. Stretch out, relax, eat some protein.

  • Thanks to the following for volunteering to drum for community teams coming down this Saturday (and next): Carolyn (CAP at 11 AM, GBA at 1 PM); Perri (CAP at 11 AM, TRFCC at 1 PM); Lori (CAST-P+ at 3 PM). Also thanks to Marie, who has volunteered to drum for the Point Park boat this Sunday and next!

  • If you're interested in drumming (drumming also involves some basic coaching for the community boats) the Ernst & Young Red Dragons need a drummer next Saturday (9/10) at 3 PM! It'll be fun -- promise!

  • 8.30.2005

    Rec League Paddling

    We had an inspiring turnout of rec league paddlers in the rain tonight! It ended up being a beautiful evening for a paddle....the rain let up after a while (after we were all good and wet!) and the river was calm, a little misty, and ... spacious. Not too many other folks on the water. The group paddles together very well -- it's a joy being in the boat.


    CAP (Communities in Action for Peace) Gets Ready for the Festival Posted by Picasa


    GrandMasters: A Message from Ellen Law

    From Ellen Law:

    Hi folks,

    For those of you who want to know....

    The Grand Masters program claims success in their first
    appearance in the IDBF World Championships!!! Crews from
    Canada, USA, Italy together bravely admitted their ages
    and raced for their countries and proved to the IDBF
    representatives, that the Grand Masters (which they call,
    "Grand Dragons") Division not only can field competitive
    crews, but ones with fantastic spirit!!!

    TEAM USA Grand Masters Mixed crew take home 4 "medals"!!!
    Gold - 200m GM Mixed
    Silver - 1000m GM Open
    Bronze - 500m GM Mixed
    Bronze - 200m GM Open
    8th of 9 - 2k Premier Mixed
    Total of 7,700m (almost 5 miles) raced!

    TEAM USA Grand Masters Women's Crew happily contribute their
    experiences into promoting the Grand Masters Division in
    their races vs Canada at the 1000m, 500m, 200m distances!

    The 2005 version of the Grand Masters Mixed crew was a proud
    assembly of members from 11 different clubs, 20 TEAM USA
    rookies. All will take back to their clubs, new experiences
    of the world championships. And hopefully, to buildup their
    own programs and grow interest in dragon boating and
    participation in the US National Championships.

    Clubs represented on this "MIXED" Grand Masters Mixed crew
    Los Angeles - Space Dragons
    NYC - Wall Street Lions
    Newport Beach, Ca - Newport Aquatic Center
    Portland - Amazon Dragons
    Portland - Dragonflies
    Portland - Golden Dragons
    Portland - Mountain Home Canoe Club
    Portland - Multnomah Channel Canoe Racing
    Portland - Stumptown Paddlers
    Portland - Wasabi
    San Diego - San Diego Dragon Boat Club

    Brent B, Chris B, Curtis C, David H, Derek H, Frank V, Jack F,
    Jim E, Marshall P, Marti T, Ron K, Barbara P, Carol S, Heidi C,
    Judy H, Luahna U, Lynne K, Nancy B, Sharon S, Shelby R,
    Dave R = Manager, Jerry F = Steerer, Richard C = Drummer,
    Jim S = Captain, Peggy A = Manager

    Both Grand Masters crews gratefully thank all of you who had a
    hand in the nationwide signup effort, participated in the
    testing, tried out and passed the word. Thanks to you, our
    TEAM USA GM Mixed and GM Women's crews combined with TEAM
    Canada and TEAM Italy to form the core of the Berlin "Grand
    Dragons" Division. All the racing was close and exciting.

    The IDBF officers were quite impressed with the racing and
    several came to me to say they were happy with the results
    and we should expect the return of the "Grand Dragons"
    racing class for the 2007 Sydney Australia World Championships.

    The crew finally got to paddle together in Berlin for three
    practices. Each time feeling a little better, a little more
    confident, a little better about their teammates.

    This crew, full of life's experiences - generally beyond the
    baby boomers - appeared ready to add the Berlin Worlds to
    their "data base". They took each of the Berlin bumps in stride.
    - They said "YEAH SURE" and filled in the GMOpen spot in
    the 1000m joining with supporting members of the Iowa
    Jr program and Senior Women's B crew to grab the Silver
    spot from Italy.
    - They said YEAH SURE when asked to fill the 200m Open spot.
    - They said LOVE TO when a spot opened up on the 2000m Premier
    Mixed event.
    - And finally, they said THANKS when I gave them Sunday off!
    - In all, this crew started and finished 13 races, and raking
    in 7,700m - nearly 5 miles! They raced on 3 of 4 days of
    the Championships, which included 6 races on Saturday!

    Yes, some may be a tad "bulky" around the waist, carry
    artifical hips, bum knees and bring along a ton of drug
    forms...They got a taste of the World Championships, and
    the racing with world class crews and judges. This newest
    class of dragon boat athletes represents a group not one
    to be denied. And they will return! I expect to see at
    least half of this Berlin crew in Tampa with their own
    teams! I am sooo glad to have had a hand in starting this
    new class of racers. Especially since I will qualify soon!
    I certainly hope to have the same excitement for the sport
    as I saw in these fine ageless athletes!!!

    WHAT's NEXT?
    Haven't had a chance to update the Grand Masters website since
    we left for Berlin (http://www.njdragonboat.org/masters). But
    I should have a chance to revise the site within the next month
    to reflect the Berlin results and the expectations for the
    next World Championships.

    The first step in the look forward, is to start forming your
    teams for the 2006 Tampa US Nationals (August 25-27, 2006,
    and eye the USDBF website
    (http://www.usdbf.com) for info. And check with your local
    regional organization (links on USDBF) regarding membership.
    If you have a Grand Masters team interesting in making the
    trip to Tampa, you can either secure USDBF membership as
    your own club, or combine with a crew already going and "club"
    with them. (Note: each club may only have one team entry per
    category. Grand Masters mixed is one division, Grand Masters
    women is another...)

    The teams that win the Grand Masters division at the Tampa
    Nationals will earn the right to select their crew for the
    2007 Syndey Worlds!

    More about the GMX and the GM effort:

    Amiee Moyers
    GMX Coach
    Portland Paddling Club

    Ellen Law
    GMX Head Coach
    NJ Dragon Boat Club

    ps: send your comments or congrats regarding the GM crews and I will post them on the website...


    individual review

    Just want to let you know I have not forgot about sending your individual feedback, I am heading to the white water in a few minutes but plan on doing this early next week. I hope to use the video shot on Monday to do some full reviews.


    Let there be....


    We've got running lights on the boat now, thanks to Chuck and Bob. There are supposed to be turned on at sunset, so should be switched on between 7 and 7:30 PM these days.


    Thurs or erg work

    I may not be at practice Wed if I am still under the weather from my wisdom teeth removal.
    Wed practice is quickly to the water, warm up around the 40th st bridge and 3 x round the island timed and descending time.

    Thurs or erg
    if on the water, 15 x 70sec on, 30sec off
    90%, 70SPM

    if on the erg and no more than 2 people do the above workout @ 60SPM, if more than 2 people use the paddle ergs but use this workout instead
    15 x 60sec on, 70sec off
    90%, 60SPM
    Set the timer for 60 sec on, 10 sec off, alternate people with 10sec for the people switch, no time to adjust the seat.

    Saturday workout:
    6 x 200m rest 2’
    6 x 100m rest 2’
    6 x 50m rest 1’
    90% - 75 SPM
    Start the 50m pieces around the 100m mark at 65% and call the sprint in 2,1 just before the 50m

    Monday will be a tire/ resistance workout.

    All about ro-ta-tion! Open Paddle (8/20/05) Posted by Picasa

    Miscellaneous Notes, Reminders

  • Congrats to Stef, Ben, and Ann for their appearances this morning on KDKA TV's Pittsburgh Today Live. Stef talked about the grandmasters' success in Berlin and the upcoming Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival, while Ben and Ann highlighted their kayaking success in Seattle. Great day for water sports in Pittsburgh!

  • If you can be at the boat house by 6:15 PM tomorrow, please do come and help get the boat in the water. The boat leaves the dock at 6:30 -- warm-ups are on the water, not on the macadam (yeah, yeah, sumos in our seats). Three times around the island, descending times.

  • Video from Monday night after the island circles. If we have time, we'll watch the KD video with Stef et al!

  • Thanks to Kate and Bob for volunteering to help the CMU students in the boat Friday morning.

  • If you don't have a Pfish teeshirt, please let Perri know what size you need. Prices have yet to be determined, but somewhere in the $12-$15 range.

  • 8.22.2005

    Open Paddle: August 20, 2005 Posted by Picasa


    Team Tees

    Perri is taking the lead on placing a new order for team tee shirts. (Thanks, Perri!)

    In the meantime..... we have two XL tees left. These are the power-red tees with the smokin' dragon wrapped around your abs. $8 each. Let me know if you'd like one!


    Open Paddle!

    What a great morning. (Okay, hot as blazes, but otherwise great -- and the hot as blazes part just made the bloody marys that much better appreciated!) It was wonderful to have so many new people in the boats and in the boathouse.

    We're steadily increasing the visibility of and interest in the sport, TRRA, and the Paddlefish. That success comes from the concerted efforts of everyone on the team, with special thanks to Laurie for leading the planning and coordination of this morning's event, our largest so far!


    Dragon Boat League Paddlers Explore the Channel Posted by Picasa

    ADBA Central Region Dragon Boat Championships: October 22-23, 2005

    Info from Patrick Long, Texas Dragon Boat Association (www.texasdragonboat.com), inviting us to their October festival:

    We are very honored to have been selected as the host city for the ADBA Central Region Championships 2005. A lot of local excitement has been generated about the upcoming event, to be held on October 22-23, 2005 at Clear Lake Park. Thus far, we have 35 teams committed, and many others interested in attending. Our goal is to have 70 teams, 10 of which are from outside of Houston.

    We are extending the Early-Bird registration deadline to September 15. Visiting Teams that sign up before that date will only be charged $600 for an entry and they can enter in multiple categories.

    We have arranged a great room rate with the Hilton Clear Lake Hotel ($69/night) which is located only a few blocks from the race site. They will be providing all-day free shuttles back and forth to the hotel for both racing days. The Hilton will also be hosting a free pre-race party on Friday, October 21 for all paddlers and participants. Other hotels have also discounted their normal room rate, and we have worked out airfare discounts with Continental Airlines.

    Out-of-town teams will be paired up with buddy teams to help them get around town and provide them with equipment that might be difficult to bring. Each team will be provided with a practice session on Friday, October 21, as well as T-shirts, and a 10x10 tent to use during the weekend. Vendors will be on-site selling food and other novelty items.

    For families who wish to come together, the Bay Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is putting together sightseeing tours and packets of information about our local attractions. Because we are racing right next to the Johnson Space Center (NASA), we can also arrange special tours for those who wish to take advantage of them.

    We look forward to hosting a wonderful festival that helps to grow the sport in our region.


    August 20th OPEN PRACTICE

    We now have 29 guests signed up to come down and paddle with us on Saturday morning. We expect a few additional people--who haven't RSVP'd--so we are getting close to having to go out in two shifts. We are figuring that it would be good to have 6 Paddlefish per boat--1 steering, 1 drumming, 2 stroking and 2 paddling in the middle of the boat--which allows us 16 guests per boat--I am requesting that all Paddlfish arrive at practice at 8:30, so we can prepare and get our guests in the boat as quickly as possible. We will go over assignments tonight (Wed.) at practice. THANKS for all of your help.


    Red Team for Women's Event at the Lottie Posted by Picasa


    Lottie McAlice

    Great racing, everybody! It was fun to look out in the mixed races to see where everyone ended up. Sometimes the pick-up seating flew in the face of all the strategic placement theory out there -- and worked anyway!

    It was super to be with everyone out on the river (a true Pittsburgh summer morning experience!) and nice to meet new people and FANTASTIC to have Georgia back in the boat -- with her dad, no less.

    Special thanks to Lori for coordinating everything!


    Results from Sprint Nationals

    Ben, Nathan, and Kate are doing great in Seattle at the Nationals. For race results, see http://www.scn.org/rec/sckc/usack2005/results.htm . Ben is racing in the senior division; Kate and Nathan are in the junior division. (They're all racing with Erik and Ann as the TRKA -- Three Rivers Kayak Association -- team.)


    The Try-Something-New Practice

    Great job last night, everybody! (I'd say "great job, guys," but that could lead to the need for another of Doug's careful analyses of the correct forms of address when in mixed company and we don't have an "Adult" message board on which to hold that conversation.) ;-)

    One of the ways we'll continue to grow as a team is by letting ourselves take risks within the team. So huge paddle cheers to everyone who zig-zagged, back-paddled, picked leaves and twigs from their hair, changed seats midstream, paddled right instead of left and vice versa, called commands from the drummer's seat, slipped and slid on the steerer's stoop, paddled across rocks, laughed at themselves, and cheered on others. You're great!

    And a very special thanks to Dick, for his calm, patient, and effective tutoring of all us newbie steerspeople.


    More on the OPEN PADDLE

    We still have donation opportunities for the August 20th Open House!
    Here is where we stand as of 08-09-05

    Orange Juice and cups: Marie
    Beer: Mina
    Coffee etc. : Gina
    Bagels and Bagle accessories: Laurie & Dick
    Scrambled Eggs and Hash Browns: Jack (via P&G's)
    2Fruit Trays: Judy (via Whole Foods)
    1 Tray of food to be named: Judy (via Whole Foods)
    Soft Drinks and water: Kathy
    Napkins, paper plates, plastic ware etc.: Mina
    Ice: Laurie
    Donuts: Jack (maybe)
    Panera: Laurie--donated from Greentree Panera--we won't know quantity of baked goods until the night before--leftovers.

    Vodka--we just need cheap vodka--a couple $11.00 bottles--maybe two people could get this?
    Bloody Mary Mix--either premade or juiced up tomatoe juice
    Three bottles of champagne, if we decide we want Mimosa's? --again this should be cheap champagne as it will be mixed with OJ.

    Don't forget to let me know if you are coming--we need an count of Paddlefish as well as guests.
    (so far we have 4 official guests and the invitations haven't even gone out)


    Ready or not, here we come...... Posted by Picasa


    If you forgot to register online for the Lottie McAlice this weekend, please send me an email -- I'll send Jenn your names and get you registered offline. We do need an accurate count so we know how to set up the boats for the races.

    The Lottie site is live at http://www.threeriversrowing.org/LottieHistory.html with some interesting history, including a newspaper article (circa 1870) with this rather ornate description of Lottie herself:

    "The first to go on board was Miss Lottie; tripping nimbly down the bank as she stepped fearlessly into her boat, took her seat, and grasped the oars as carelessly as though it was the merest pastime in which she was indulging. Her costume was romantic and appropriate, a tight fitting bright red bodice, cut low in the neck and destitute of sleeves, a white skirt reaching half way below the knee to the
    top of her high boots, gave her the appearance of a girl about twelve years
    of age, had not her plump, well formed rounded and muscular arms, and well
    formed but solid hands, told the story that not less than seventeen summers
    had showered their golden sunlight over her dark, bronzed and closely clipped

    What do you think, women? Should we go "romantic and appropriate" on Saturday and dig out our own "tight fitting bright red bodices, cut low in the neck and destitute of sleeves"?


    More Berlin Results: IDBF World Championships 2005

    Results are posted online now at http://www.drachenboot.de/en/festivals_2005/results_berlin.shtml for all of the finals.

    Looks like Grand Masters competed in five finals: Grand Masters Open 200, GM Mixed 200, GM 1000, GM Mixed 500, and the Mixed 2000 (the US GM team looks like the only GM team racing in that one!).

    The US Team took bronze in the GM Open 200 (54:42) and gold in the Mixed 200 (with a winning time of 56:35).

    They took silver in the GM1000 with a 4:36:70; Canada took the gold in that one (4:31:35), with Italy coming in third.

    Another bronze in the GM Mixed 500. Canada took gold with 2:09:80; Italy silver; US bronze with a 2:12:18.

    Looks like 11 teams racing in the Mixed 2000, with the US group the only ones competing as a Grand Masters team. Russia took first here with a time of 8:22:94. The US team come in 9th with a 9:45:65.

    It'll be great to hear about the races first-hand this week from Lisa, Judy, and Stef! We're so proud of you guys!!!


    Berlin Results: 200M Championships

    The US Team Grand Dragons took bronze today in the 200m final! Canada won gold with a time of 54:11; Italy came in second.

    The 500m finals are Sunday.


    Rotate! Posted by Picasa


    Schedule Aug 2 - 14

    This week is a hard week, next week is a replenish/low week.
    Please find time for weights, if you have not lifted for a while start off easy.
    Think about getting a good catch - alternate your top arm and slight lean to try new ways to get a solid catch.
    Monday Aug 15 is timed 500m ergs
    I am out of town from Thurs - Aug 14.

    weights- 3x 12
    Primary: bench press, seated row
    Secondary: side raises, lat pulldown
    Auxiliary: back extensions, weighted situps
    Note: with primary and secondary exercises hold the weight at full contraction for 5 sec.

    Wed, Aug 3
    20 x 20” rest 20” w/tire
    30 x 15” rest 45”
    90% - 75 SPM

    Sat, Aug 6
    6 x 1000m
    Descend 1-3, 4-6: use a clock to get times
    45 SPM

    Week starting Aug 8:
    Weights- 3x 12
    Primary: bench press, seated row
    Secondary: one arm rotation pulls, shoulder prehab rotations
    Auxiliary: back extensions, weighted situps
    Note: with primary and secondary exercises 5 sec. return motion (ie lowering the weight w/ seated row)

    weights day 2 – 6 exercise circuit 1' on, 20" rest – not the above exercises

    Mon, Aug 8
    Capt practice – light
    at least 6000m or 2 laps around island

    Wed, Aug 10
    Capt practice – light
    some short all out speed work
    (500m time trial?)

    Sat, Aug 13
    Lottie - Race hard and fast