Miscellaneous Notes, Reminders

  • Congrats to Stef, Ben, and Ann for their appearances this morning on KDKA TV's Pittsburgh Today Live. Stef talked about the grandmasters' success in Berlin and the upcoming Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival, while Ben and Ann highlighted their kayaking success in Seattle. Great day for water sports in Pittsburgh!

  • If you can be at the boat house by 6:15 PM tomorrow, please do come and help get the boat in the water. The boat leaves the dock at 6:30 -- warm-ups are on the water, not on the macadam (yeah, yeah, sumos in our seats). Three times around the island, descending times.

  • Video from Monday night after the island circles. If we have time, we'll watch the KD video with Stef et al!

  • Thanks to Kate and Bob for volunteering to help the CMU students in the boat Friday morning.

  • If you don't have a Pfish teeshirt, please let Perri know what size you need. Prices have yet to be determined, but somewhere in the $12-$15 range.


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