The Try-Something-New Practice

Great job last night, everybody! (I'd say "great job, guys," but that could lead to the need for another of Doug's careful analyses of the correct forms of address when in mixed company and we don't have an "Adult" message board on which to hold that conversation.) ;-)

One of the ways we'll continue to grow as a team is by letting ourselves take risks within the team. So huge paddle cheers to everyone who zig-zagged, back-paddled, picked leaves and twigs from their hair, changed seats midstream, paddled right instead of left and vice versa, called commands from the drummer's seat, slipped and slid on the steerer's stoop, paddled across rocks, laughed at themselves, and cheered on others. You're great!

And a very special thanks to Dick, for his calm, patient, and effective tutoring of all us newbie steerspeople.


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