Notes on Practices and Volunteer Opps

  • We're holding Thursday evening practices for the next few weeks. This is not to induce stress; it's just an extra opportunity! If Thursdays don't work for you, we'll love you anyway.

  • No practice on Labor Day: Monday, September 5th. Stretch out, relax, eat some protein.

  • Thanks to the following for volunteering to drum for community teams coming down this Saturday (and next): Carolyn (CAP at 11 AM, GBA at 1 PM); Perri (CAP at 11 AM, TRFCC at 1 PM); Lori (CAST-P+ at 3 PM). Also thanks to Marie, who has volunteered to drum for the Point Park boat this Sunday and next!

  • If you're interested in drumming (drumming also involves some basic coaching for the community boats) the Ernst & Young Red Dragons need a drummer next Saturday (9/10) at 3 PM! It'll be fun -- promise!


    Blogger Kit said...

    Rachel has volunteered to drum/coach the Ernst & Young group next Saturday. Thanks, Rachel!

    1:22 PM, September 01, 2005  
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