More Berlin Results: IDBF World Championships 2005

Results are posted online now at http://www.drachenboot.de/en/festivals_2005/results_berlin.shtml for all of the finals.

Looks like Grand Masters competed in five finals: Grand Masters Open 200, GM Mixed 200, GM 1000, GM Mixed 500, and the Mixed 2000 (the US GM team looks like the only GM team racing in that one!).

The US Team took bronze in the GM Open 200 (54:42) and gold in the Mixed 200 (with a winning time of 56:35).

They took silver in the GM1000 with a 4:36:70; Canada took the gold in that one (4:31:35), with Italy coming in third.

Another bronze in the GM Mixed 500. Canada took gold with 2:09:80; Italy silver; US bronze with a 2:12:18.

Looks like 11 teams racing in the Mixed 2000, with the US group the only ones competing as a Grand Masters team. Russia took first here with a time of 8:22:94. The US team come in 9th with a 9:45:65.

It'll be great to hear about the races first-hand this week from Lisa, Judy, and Stef! We're so proud of you guys!!!


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