Mrs. Bernstein

Jonathan, our favorite cross-dressing Paddlefish, was Mrs. Bernstein in the Macy's after Thanksgiving Day parade in Pittsburgh. (You may have remembered him as Jalapeno Hannah at the Pirates' game earlier this summer!)


Central Catholic Biathlon - Saturday, December 9

The Central Catholic Biathlon is an erg and running race organized by Central Catholic High School. The erg portion will take place at the Washington's Landing boathouse, the race will be from the boathouse to PNC Park and back.

C'mon Paddlefish, show those high school kids what real athletes look like!

Registration deadline is December 2. For more information, click here.


Paddlefish Pumped Up

Visit this link for a recap of this morning's clinic, courtesy of Coach Ben:


Surprise those muscles!


Holiday Challenge 2006

Happy Turkey Day wishes to my fellow paddlers!

If any of you are looking for a way to burn off that pumpkin pie, check out the Holiday Challenge 2006 for a chance to row 100,000 or 200,000 meters between now and December 24.

Any takers?


Raise the Roof, Everybody!


Our kind of paddlers

So I heard a rumor that a pair of recently-relocated paddlers from the Bay Area might be joining us for a practice or two... or more!

Their former club, the Absolute Dragons, has been known to "
scare off competition with their war paint, guttural battle cries and fearless whooping" according to their team page. Speaking of battle cries and whooping, I believe it is perfectly appropriate that they'll be in contact with our own Jonathan Mayes as membership coordinator!

I saw one of their bumper stickers at the Pittsburgh festival, and I absolutely (pun intended) love this iconography. There's even more nifty Absolute Dragons stuff here.

We hope to see these new faces at a practice soon. Paddlefish, be prepared to give 'em a warm welcome!


Paddlefish Team Dinner 2006

It was marvelous! Thanks to all who helped make this year's team dinner such a success, particularly Jeanne and Judy R, who scouted out possible sites and got us set up at Franco's; Laurie, for the delicious cake and banana bread, not to mention the hosting and emceeing duties; the Pfish who stepped up and accepted nominations; and everyone who attended, whether for the first time or the fourth time!

The food was great (as noted by Ben in his recordbreaking speech); the company delightful; the suspense, um, tingling as the steering committee winners were announced; and the Team Dinner Wave proved once again that it needs some work (though we seemed to get it together for the final p-a-d-d-l-e-f-i-shhhh-dreeamy rendition).

Congratulations and thanks to our new captain, Bob; to Sarah, who has taken on the communications coordinator role; to Mina, who will be our new treasurer and fundraiser manager; to Jeanne, our logistics coordinator; to Dick, who is a glutton for punishment and will return as equipment manager; and to Jonathan, the new membership coordinator!


Tale of the Channel 2006

We had a great morning on (and in!) the water Saturday for the Tale of the Channel. This year's highlights included a broken steering oar platform, lots of costumes, Jazz along for the ride, two folks overboard (intentionally! despite the CSO warning! pfish will do anything for a purple duck and a few points!), and a delicious potluck.


Joys of Grandparenting!

Judy's been enjoying her time in California with Jim's and her granddaughters Sadie and Stella (on the slide)!


Tonight's Workout

ergs:4 x (3 x 2' r30" descending 1-3), no extra rest btween sets

20 sec, 30 sec, 40sec, 30sec, 20

    full situps (no one holding)
    upsidedown supermans (on your back, legs & arms straight and off the ground)
    cross crunches

--floor exercises are to be done 20 sec for 5 exercises then 30 sec for the 5 exercises... there is NO rest between exercises and no more than 1min rest between sets (all 20's are one set, all 30's are the next set...)


Pittsburgh Paddlefish

Pittsburgh Paddlefish

Tale of the Channel Pot Luck Brunch

So far we have the following:

Raisin Bread
1 Breakfast Casserole
Paper Products

Please sign up: fruit, vegetables, coffee, cold drinks, another entree, dessert.......


"Tale" Rescheduled

We've got beautiful fall weather now, but the river flow is still too high to play on the water.... so Tale of the Channel has been rescheduled for next Saturday, November 11th. Mina is organizing the potluck feast afterwards; please let her know directly or post here about your contribution to the feast.

After the Tale shenanigans and filling up on the great food, head on over to the Lambert Boathouse for a talk from sports psychologist Carole Kunkel-Miller , from 12:30 PM to 2 PM, on how to stay motivated for strong training during the winter!