Practice Schedule

The flow's still up, so getting out in the boat looks unlikely for the next couple of days. The Winter Rowing League will be on the ergs at Millvale starting at 7 PM from Monday through Thursday.

So: you have a choice for your next practice this week. You can go down to Millvale tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:15 or 6:30 for an uncoached practice, following the workout listed below.

Or you can show up at the Lambert Boathouse on Washington's Landing for a coached practice on Thursday evening at 7 PM. There will be no more Monday/Wednesday coached practices until the spring.

Next workout (praise-the-Lord, there are none of those dang get-ups in here!!!):

4 x (easy 3min, rest 30sec, hard 3min)
descending both easy & hard from 1-4

2 x (20pushups, 30crunches, 20kayakers)


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