Central Catholic Biathlon

The Central Catholic Biathlon is about 8 weeks away: plenty of time to practice getting the erg splits down and to break in a new pair of running shoes! Event date is December 9th; registration deadline is December 2nd.

Men compete with the High School Varsity Boys in a 10,000 meter erg & 6 mile run.

Women compete with the High School Varsity Girls in a 7,500 meter erg & 6 mile run.

The erging takes place at the Lambert Boathouse on Washington's Landing; the run is from the boathouse down to PNC Park and back. For more on the biathlon this year, see http://www.threeriversrowing.org/r-CentralBiathlon.html.

For an insider's look at last year's biathlon (photos! inside scoop!), see http://pittbritt.typepad.com/beanz_meanz_heinz/2005/12/this_time_last_.html#more .


Blogger Jonathan said...

So I'm up for it again this year - anyone else?

11:07 AM, October 26, 2006  

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