Moraine canoe info and weather report

Ben was able to get 8 canoes from the Fish and Boat Commission and will trail them to Moraine on Friday. If you glanced away from your paddle sneaking into the water last night, you could see the canoes as we passed by Washington's Landing. This is a change from the original plan of renting from Crescent Marine. There is no cost associated with the canoes that Ben was able to secure. He plans on dividing us into 2 groups, each having 3 paddling sessions lasting about 2 hours. The sessions will be Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and Sunday AM.

If the weather is nice, Crescent Marine will be staffed this weekend for anyone wanting to rent boats. The rental is $35/day (not a firm price per Larry).

So far, the weather in Portersville (near Moraine) is looking favorable for the P'fish. Friday night @ 33 degrees, Saturday has a sunny high of 65 and low of 37. Sunday's high is 62 and partly cloudy. So, warm evening wear is in order.


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