Dragon Boat Camp Update

Rich reports that the Florida campers are getting out on the water at least twice a day. They warm up/stretch for about 15 minutes (jogging/hopping to warm up, followed by stretches) and then get out on the water for an hour and a half (twice a day); some Pfish (like Jim here!) are also signed up for OC work.

Rich's basic message: "I'm sore, but it's definitely worth it!"


Anonymous Robin Dee said...


I am a member of the "STEEL CITY DRAGONS"! Earlier today I was looking for a way to find Ben who was kind enough to bring back some paddles for us from Florida camp.
While surfing thru your web site, "Blogs" to be exact, I found some very explicite photos I believe that were posted under "MAJOR WOODY". This is something that I am sure that you and the "Paddlefish " would not find to be very promotional for your team. I would suggest having a "Sign in" for personal "Bogs" like we have to keep the public and children from accidently finding vey embarassing photos.
I believe they really belong a

7:26 PM, April 23, 2006  

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