Report from Pittsburgh

What a lovely paddle that was last night! You guys looked great -- nice power when we moved it up for Power 10s and in Carolyn's power-pyramid, real attention to rotation, and beautiful timing with your eyes closed.

Jonathan steered for the first time, and we only hit the bridge once! (Just kidding -- no contact occurred, and we didn't even ever go wobbly. He's a natural! Now if we can just get him to translate his paddling lingo into American English....)

We've got a Prepare to be Boarded flag now, thanks to Bob, so just need a flexi-stick of some sort so we can keep this aboard and whip it out at the appropriately dramatic moment.

This morning's Post-Gazette has a nice essay from Erik's parents under the 'Random Acts of Kindness' column (page 2), thanking everyone involved in helping to pull Erik from the river last week and warm him up.


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