Training for the Festival Races

Pauline's put together a training schedule to get us into the best possible condition before the races on the 18th. Each week calls for some work on our own during non-boat days and also builds in some rest days.

Here's the schedule for this week (edited to reflect schedule for week of September 6th):

Monday (Labor Day): starts; 2 sets of pyramids with power-10s strategically placed throughout (70% intensity on the water); followed by weights work (in the boat house if we can get in, otherwise please do 3x15 with your weights at home)
Tuesday: 30-60 minutes of workout on your own (50% intensity)
Wednesday (practice at 6:00 PM: starts; 10 sets of 30 on/offs, then 10 sets of 15 on/offs-- in the boat at 80%; followed by ab work (2 sets of 8 exercises)
Thursday: work out on your own -- 50% intensity, 45-60 mins.
Friday: rest day
Saturday: starts; 100% intensity race pieces on the water -- 3 500s -- followed by circuit work


Sandcastle Update

Join the Paddlefish for an afternoon at Sandcastle on Sunday August 29 at 3:00 pm at the front gate. We'll try to have some discount coupons so meet us before you pay! The price after 3 is $15.95-- 11.95 with a coupon. The park is open until 6 or 7 pm. Some of us plan to stay on the Lazy River, others are looking to go on the big slides. Should be fun....summer's last hurrah and last I heard, it should be warm enough and not pouring. See you there!


Practice This Week

This Wednesday, please come prepared to go out on the water AND do some
dry-land activity. This means an extra change of clothes (in case water
activities get boisterous) and athletic shoes (and socks!) that you would be
comfortable running in outdoors (not that we will be running...I just want
you to have the right footwear!!). -- Pauline

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TRRA Volunteer Database

TRRA has set up a system to gather volunteering information through an online database. Please see http://http://www.threeriversrowing.org/volunteer.html to register.

Ben is shooting for 200 volunteers registered over the next two weeks -- let's try to get 100% Paddlefish registration within that timeframe!


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Getting Ready-Ready for the Festival

It's time to start thinking about next month's festival/race: Saturday, September 18th, South Side's waterfront park. Please post here your ability to commit to paddling in the mixed race that day and your willingness to paddle in a master's and/or men's or women's race.

If you go to the festival website, you'll see that the race info (http://www.pittsburghdragonboatfestival.org/RaceInfo.htm) mentions that teams who would like help in learning how to paddle a dragonboat or who want experienced paddlers to help as drummers or steerspeople should contact the Paddlefish or Steel City Dragons. Are you able to volunteer for this? It would involve two practices with the novice team, plus help on the day of the festival.



Anyone up for a visit to Sandcastle?? Please respond if you'd like to go. Prices are reduced after 3 pm and coupons are still around. I would suggest either Tuesday August 24, Thursday, Friday or Sunday August 29. We could even go after practice on August 28. Okay, so that narrows it down to any day next week except practice evenings! Saturday or Sunday would give us more time, of course. Next Sunday is the last day until Labor Day weekend. If there is flexibility we should watch the weather. Maybe we'll have a hot day yet! And, you know, PADDLEFISH can never have too much water! If you'd like to check out prices, activities, etc, including the Sand Bar, the website is www.sandcastlewaterpark.com


Happy Birthday, Kathi!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you;
Happy birthday, dear Kaaaaaathi....
Happy birthday to you!


Early October Team Retreat

From Lori M:

We thought it would be fun to spend another weekend at Moraine, but there are no cabins available October 1&2 (dates discussed at Red Fin Blue Wednesday night). However, Raccoon State Park has 3 cabins available for those dates. The park is very nice, about the same distance as Moraine (or less), and has a 100 acre lake (I believe its claim to fame is that it is actually the largest state park in PA).

Please let me know if you would be committed to attending a weekend retreat at Raccoon on October 1&2.

August Practice Availability

As you've been responding to me about the team meeting this month (to be held August 14th or August 18th), some of you have noted that you've got vacation or camp or school prep commitments that will affect your availability. Unfortunately, that kind of info has a tendency to kind of seep right out of my brain pretty quickly, so I'm not sure who all will be available for practices over the next two weeks and who won't.

Thus this thread.

Please post a comment here on which practices over the next two weeks (August 9 through August 23) you will not be able to attend. This will give Ben and Pauline a sense of who will be coming down on any given day so that they can tailor seating positions and workouts to the individuals (and overall number) who will be present.


Wednesday Practice

Slip some money in that sports bra (or pocket) before practice tomorrow night: we're going to commandeer the boat and paddle over to Redfin Blues for a beer! 

Best original dragonboat limerick earns you a free beer ("There once was a paddler named Chuck...."), so get those creative juices flowing! ;-)


Mid-Season Meeting

We’re about midway through the on-the-water season, so now might be a good time for a re-calibration of our team goals (short-term and long-term) and the steps we need to take to reach those goals.

Here’s my recollection of where we started:

This past fall, we set the following goals: (a) travel as a team to at least one race this year and (2) perform there -- and in local races -- with pride and a sense of team spirit.

In order to reach those goals, we identified the following as two critical needs: (1) build membership to a point where we have at least 20 paddlers plus a drummer and steersperson and (2) develop an independent or non-rec-program structure for the team. We then appointed a treasurer, captain, travel coordinator, and membership director; we also hired two coaches.

We took the following specific steps related to those needs: Carolyn researched the structure used by the masters rowing team, and we’ve emulated that structure on issues like fees. We held open houses and grew our membership. We agreed to a three/week practice schedule. We worked out over the winter to maintain and increase fitness levels. We ordered uniform tops. We developed an informational brochure and have updated it. We set up a blog. We traveled to DC and raced (6 times!). We raced in Pittsburgh (and won!).

In many ways, then, we’re making significant progress from where we were last year at this time, progress that would not have been possible without the significant and specific contributions of team members who stepped up and took the lead on accomplishing various tasks (so a huge paddle cheer to everyone!).

But we still have miles (meters?) to go.

Let’s meet this month and confirm or revise our two broad goals and identify specific strategies for helping us reach them. For instance, do we need a clearer team structure (in terms of who is responsible for what, including specific responsibilities each team member has for things like attendance and fitness)? What are our plans to prepare for the race at the September festival? Are there things we should be doing to increase our recruiting success?

Please let me know by Saturday (August 7th) your availability for a one-hour meeting to be held either Saturday, August 14th (11 AM) or Wednesday, August 18th (8 PM).