Catching Up

Colds, festivities, and seasonal busy-ness are making it harder to stay in touch at practice, so this is just a note to make sure everyone's caught up on what's happening....

Mina, Jen, Ada, Stef, and Rachel all participated in the Central Catholic Biathlon this past Saturday: way to go!!!!

Thursday's practice is at Washington's Landing (6:30 PM).

Reaction to the idea of spinning this Saturday has been pretty evenly split, so we'll defer spinning till the new year. Many thanks to Judy D, who has volunteered to organize the next spinning expedition. We'll meet at Millvale for practice this Saturday morning.

Saturday evening is party time! Celebrate Carolyn's birthday and the season at Lisa's house, starting around 7 PM.


Blogger Mina said...

I'm a bit confused about Saturday practice since we do not have access to ergs and we may not have a coach (Ben is not sure he can make it). At practice last night I told Ben I would check into the possibility of arranging spinning (I will be there tomorrow). I will do this but wait for any further direction/decision.

4:29 PM, December 14, 2004  

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