Spinning on Saturday

From Pauline re Saturday:

Millvale Tank Session: 8:45 - 10:00

It would be terrific if people could arrive a little early on Saturday and warm up.I would like to start the tank session at nine so that we can get a good 50min in. I then would like to go over a few things about spinning before wehead over.

Spinning - What to Expect: 10:30 - 11:30

I'd like to head over to BodyTech no later than about 10:15
- Mary is expecting us at 10:30. She will go through the whole routine of setting up a bike, riding positions, etc and then lead a 30-45min workout.

One thing to note here: You can go AT YOUR OWN PACE and make it as easy on your body (if you have injuries) or as challenging as you like. For those of you with sore backs (Carolyn, Lori, Chuck) - this might besomething to consider trying - great cardio, not as stressful as rowing or paddling on the lower back. Check with your doctor if you are not sure, though!

Spinning - What to Bring

Bring $4.25 to pay for the class.
Everyone who plans to spin should bring an extra set of workout clothes.
- If you have bike shorts, those are great. If not, I would suggest leggings, or shorts.
- T-shirt is fine on top.
- No special shoes needed - running shoes are fine.
- Bring a water bottle!!!! (you can buy one there, but it's $1)
- There are small towels if you want during the class.
- There is a locker room with towels and a shower.

Spinning - How to Get There
- BodyTech is on Freeport Road
- from Millvale take Route 28 and exit at the HighlandPark/Aspinwall/Sharpsburg exit.
- take the Aspinwall ramp (don't head over the bridge!!)
- you will pass a oil/lube place (on your left), then a parking lot, then start looking
- it is on the northeast corner, right beside a fishing/outdoor store, and you have to turn left (there is no light at thecross-section
- if you have reached St. Margaret's hospital you have gone too far
- there are two small parking lots and street parking

Hope this helps!



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