Flexibility Work

At last night's practice, Kate led us through some of the flexibility exercises from Fit to Paddle. Ben talked to us about stretching for flexibility vs overstretching (which can lead to less strength in that muscle). We held the stretches for 30 seconds (and could feel it!).

Amazon's got the Fit to Paddle book on sale right now, if you'd like your very own copy!


Blogger Verna said...

Was this a hiccup?

9:30 PM, November 30, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Ha! Yes, indeed!!! I'm going to go give the blog a big glass of sugar water and see if that will cure the hiccup.... (You all will know it worked if you only see one copy of this post!)

9:54 PM, November 30, 2004  
Blogger lisa said...

wow I really need this book, I am still barely walking after last Saturday. Hopefully will be ok for practice tomorrow.

1:27 PM, December 01, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Yep, and just when you think you've recovered, it will be time to go spinning with Pauline this Saturday!

1:41 PM, December 01, 2004  
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