Saturday Practice + A Bit of a Poem

Practice Tomorrow (Saturday, November 13): Please come to the Millvale Boat House by 9 prepared to go out on the water OR work out indoors. It’s supposed to be cold but sunny, so we’ll see how cold it really is before making a decision on whether to be on the water (we’ll need someone in a launch) or indoors.

We’ll head down to Pamela’s after practice to re-connect in pancake fellowship. I would normally tell you to tuck some money in your sports bra for that (even though we’re not paddling down to the Strip), but given the weather maybe I should encourage you to tuck some money into a wool cap!

For your weekend reading pleasure, an excerpt from a poem by Pauline Johnson:

And up on the hills against the sky,
A fir tree rocking its lullaby,
Swings, swings,
Its emerald wings,
Swelling the song that my paddle sings.


Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for the poem, Kit. Here's an old prayer I came across recently. I don't have the original source:

"Be the canoe that holds me in the sea of life. Be the steer that keeps me straight. Be the outrigger that supports me in times of great temptation. Let your spirit be my sail, carrying me through each day. Keep my body strong, so that I can paddle steadfastly on, in the long voyage of life."

I can relate quite literally to the last line!

5:42 PM, November 18, 2004  

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