To the Pfish making the trip to Melbourne Beach in April:

Who wants to go surfing on the afternoon of Thursday, April 17 ???
That's our "free" afternoon at camp.

I’ve been in contact with a Melbourne Beach-based company that runs surf lessons and clinics, and they have availability to do a group surf lesson with us that afternoon. A 2-hour lesson would cost about $70 per person, and all equipment is provided. Due to conditions, the location would probably be near Cape Canaveral (about 45 min away).

To read more, go to http://www.surfguyssurf.com/SG_Home1.html. If you’re interested, please let me know this week so I can firm things up with them. Keep in mind that our lil’ surf-surfari wouldn’t be 100% certain until the day gets closer. Factors such as camp obligations, weather, and ocean conditions could all cause plans to change. But we can try!


The ice has melted,

so it’s time to wrap yourself in neoprene and wake up the dragons.

Starting in April, Paddlefish practices will take place at the Millvale boathouse on Monday & Wednesdays (6:30-8pm) and Saturdays (9:00 am). Be prepared to paddle on the water, but also be ready to do an indoor workout if water flow and temps don’t cooperate.

So see ya in Millvale, and hopefully on the water, on Wednesday April 2 at 6:30!

Remember the only exception is Saturday April 5th, when practice will take place after self-defense training.


The ladies earned their bling

Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this weekend!

The report is in from the NYC indoor paddle erg competition: Paddlefish women all had great races, and they came home with a collective 15 medals. Way to go!

And a little bit closer to home, fellow paddlers Marie and Nat erged/ran their hearts out, and placed in the top 4 for women at the Fox Chapel Biathlon. Good job! There's a rumor circulating that Marie collects coffee stirs, and she'll run great lengths to collect as many as possible :)

Awesome job! You gals rock!


Start spreading the news, they're leaving on Friday...

Paddle cheers to Ada, Mina, Judy L, Lisa, and our secret weapon from the desert- Carolyn F, as they compete at the 7th Annual Indoor Paddling Regatta in New York City this weekend! Good luck ladies!!

Don't forget the race plan that we learned last year: party until the wee hours and show up 3 minutes before the start of your event!

It happens to be a big weekend for racing, as the Fox Chapel Biathlon to Fight Cancer is on Saturday as well. Good luck to Nat and Marie!

And a happy St Patrick's day to all!


It's Jordan's birthday

Have a happy birthday weekend Jordan,

we look forward to seeing ya soon!

(Since Kit played an important role in this event, she gets to be in the blog post too)


To our new co-captains Rissa and Carolyn,

Thanks for accepting the captain position, and here's to another great season!

Welcome to your new gig. Who has the crown?


Pam and Mina,

Happy Birthday, birthday-twins!

Notice the serious hardware around Mina's neck? It's not a birthday gift, they're hard-earned medals from last year's NYC indoor paddle erg races. It's not too late to compete this year, the race is Saturday, March 15!


He defends innocent Paddlefish against killer dolphins and other forces of evil,

He's super hero, super paddler, and super birthday boy, Jacob Witul.

Have a great birthday weekend Jacob!

(Which is scarier, the mask or the purple velvet, zebra striped jacket??)