To the Pfish making the trip to Melbourne Beach in April:

Who wants to go surfing on the afternoon of Thursday, April 17 ???
That's our "free" afternoon at camp.

I’ve been in contact with a Melbourne Beach-based company that runs surf lessons and clinics, and they have availability to do a group surf lesson with us that afternoon. A 2-hour lesson would cost about $70 per person, and all equipment is provided. Due to conditions, the location would probably be near Cape Canaveral (about 45 min away).

To read more, go to http://www.surfguyssurf.com/SG_Home1.html. If you’re interested, please let me know this week so I can firm things up with them. Keep in mind that our lil’ surf-surfari wouldn’t be 100% certain until the day gets closer. Factors such as camp obligations, weather, and ocean conditions could all cause plans to change. But we can try!


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