Paddlefish women win the 2000 meter in Princeton


Update from World Championships

Had a quick email from Ben down in Sydney yesterday. World Championships finished on Sunday, and the US guys did great.

From Ben:
got a few minutes online, sorry if i missed some in the email. kick ass. we won 1000m open, 2000m open, 500m mix and 5th in 200m open. catch yinz lata.
Yet to get any update from Stef, or Robin from SCD, but it sounds like they all had a blast.
Full results can be seen on the Aussie Site for the World Championships.
Easier to read results can be found on dragonboatnetwork.com as can a summary medal count (not verified) and a wonderful collection of photos from all four days of racing is here.

Above is one I found with our Ben sitting in the engine-room of the US Men's boat - cool or what?!


Take a Look

Princeton photos have been added to our group photo pool on Flickr!

watching the race

Happy Birthday Judy R!

One of our women's team paddling heroines!

Photo to follow :)

Hooray for Sophie!

My friends, it was an honor to paddle with you today. Huge thanks to Sophie for her hard work in pulling this together!


Update from Princeton

Big big Paddle Cheers to our ladies today who had a fantastic day on the water and placed first in the 200m and the 2,000m races. Hooya!
Sure there will be more photos and posts to follow, but you ladies were awesome!

Paddle Cheers, also, to the Team Pittsburgh crew, who placed third overall in the 200s, 5th in the 400s and 3rd overall in the 2000m (despite the mis-tallying on GWN's results board!).

Good job everyone :)


Happy Birthday Joanne!

Happy Birthday to our favorite paddling nurse!

Safety Meeting

From the Three Rivers Rowing homepage:

Fall Safety Meeting - MANDATORY!
Next Thursday at 6:45 AM at the Lambert Boathouse (WL). This is the mandatory meeting for all coaches, coxswains, steerers and scullers. The newly formed Safety Zone 6 will be introduced.

Please note the change from the originally announced start time of 7:15 AM. Would hate to have one of our stalwart steerers make the effort to get there that early in the morning only to find out that the meeting was almost over.....

The safety matrix for paddlers has not changed. There is no Zone 6 for paddling.

Totally Unrelated But Very Important Side Note:



News from Australia (Worlds)

Update from Doug, just received:
Ben's boat has won the Gold Medal in the 2000m race in the World Cup!!
Came from behind to beat the 2nd place Brits--going away at the finish as
Stef described it ---with each paddle stroke at the end gaining a bench
You can follow what's happening down-under at this website.
No sexy videos of Ben and the US team on YouTube yet, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled :)



Last one of the year folks - this Saturday (9/15) ,9 a.m. at the Millvale docks.
Steel City will be there, as will folks from the TRRA Dragon Boat League and a bunch of youth paddlers too. Should be a lot of fun and it looks like the weather'll hold :)

Still hoping to get three more Paddlefish food volunteers:
Someone to bring doughnuts, a casserole and a fruit salad.
Let Jonathan know if you can do any of those.

See yinz on Saturday!


Toronto :)

Well, it was great to be at such a huge (and very very efficiently run) festival - and pretty amazing to see some of those teams that went so fast they would have given a motor boat a run for it's money (oooh, that Canadian Women's team... oooh).

We had a great couple of days - culminating in a hard-fought 3rd place finish in the mixed F-division final and a great couple of races from our ladies who ended up coming 11th overall.
We did a pretty decent job at being the only US team represented up there and I think have all come back with a fervor to emulate that lovely lovely Canadian Women's team technique ;)

Here are a few pics, courtesy of Judy L (who it was great to have join us in the boat again!). Am sure there will be more pics up on the Flickr page soon...
1. Pre-race: front three having fun .

2. Mid-race: in the lead at the 250m mark!
3. Post-race: celebrating, Sophie style :)

Practice: Wednesday September 12

Red Fin Blues will be the venue for the bulk of our practice Wednesday night. We will hop in the boat as close to 6:30 as possible (don't forget to bring your beer money) and paddle with perfect technique over to Red Fins. We will toast to our success in Toronto (maybe a couple of times) and plan on returning to Millvale at 8:00. We will have lights on the boats! Look forward to seeing you all there.
Don't forget we have a scrimmage on Saturday morning and still need a few more volunteers to bring food--check last the update from last week to see what is needed. Yours truly, PICL


Tronno - Update 1

It's 7 a.m. which is, oh, what, 5 a.m. in the 'Burgh (?!) and the Paddlefish have gathered, bleary-eyed in our hotel foyer ready to kick paddle butt ;)

First race (mixed) at 10:36


Toronto Reminders (Thanks, Jeanne!)

There will be a meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 9:30 p.m., on Friday, September 7, 2007.
Our first race is at 10:36 A.M., and we will have to be in the marshalling area at 9:45 a.m. after Ada gives us a thorough warm-up.  Registration is from 7 to 8 a.m. and I believe we are all registered and have our waivers signed.  The captain's meeting will be around the same time.  We should all meet in the morning where we will get the shuttle bus at approximately 6:45 a.m., but can discuss this on Friday evening at the 9:30 p.m. meeting.
The breakfast at the hotel is from 6:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., so obviously this will not accommodate us.  We can ask when we register if there is a restaurant that opens earlier than 6:30 a.m.


Here comes the bride....

Harmony Sullivan and Justin Cummings were married at Washington's Landing on Sunday, September 2. Instead of the traditional walk down the aisle, Harmony, Justin, and Harmony's dad, Michael, surprised the wedding guests by arriving to the ceremony in a dragon boat. Michael even paddled with us! It was beautiful. Best wishes to the happy couple!


Update from Hamilton

Hi all!
I uploaded a couple of photos from college onto my flickr account!
There will be more as the year progresses - but just a few to start off.
I had classes today (yes..even though it is Labor Day)
Hope the practice & partying went well today!
(the linking on blogger wasn't working - you need to copy/paste the link)



News from Carolyn Freeman in Doha!

Carolyn emailed today and said:

All is well here - classes started last week, finally got out to see some of Doha this past weekend - the fabric souk (pretty amazing) and ate out two times with VCU friends.
Happy Labor Day! And, if you don't mind reporting to the pfish blog, please send along my best to all...
Carolyn has a blog which, although not populated with posts yet, she intends to update - now that it's advertised here, Carolyn, you absolutely have to ;)


All the best from your teammates in the 'Burgh!


Monday's Practice

By consensus of those at practice this morning, Monday's practice is being moved to 10:30 a.m. to allow for imbibing and barbecues aplenty later in the day.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!