Toronto :)

Well, it was great to be at such a huge (and very very efficiently run) festival - and pretty amazing to see some of those teams that went so fast they would have given a motor boat a run for it's money (oooh, that Canadian Women's team... oooh).

We had a great couple of days - culminating in a hard-fought 3rd place finish in the mixed F-division final and a great couple of races from our ladies who ended up coming 11th overall.
We did a pretty decent job at being the only US team represented up there and I think have all come back with a fervor to emulate that lovely lovely Canadian Women's team technique ;)

Here are a few pics, courtesy of Judy L (who it was great to have join us in the boat again!). Am sure there will be more pics up on the Flickr page soon...
1. Pre-race: front three having fun .

2. Mid-race: in the lead at the 250m mark!
3. Post-race: celebrating, Sophie style :)


Anonymous Mary Scanlon said...

To the Paddlefish crew,

Thanks for asking me to join you in Toronto. I really had a wonderful time. It would have been fun to have both teams there, but it was nice to see Pgh represented with such a good strong boat.

You guys are great! I wanted to pass this on now since I will be on my way to North Carolina while you are scrimmaging on Saturday.

Mary S

11:02 PM, September 12, 2007  
Blogger Ben L said...

Nice job. wish i were there instead of working but it will all pay off tomorrow when im upside down on this world. kik but in the scrim tomorrow. i leave at 7am and get to sydney 10am our time sunday - ouch. no slacking this winter.

11:15 PM, September 14, 2007  

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