Retreat, Retreat!

The planning has begun for the weekend at Moraine State Park from April 27 through April 29. This year we have five cabins in reserve for the Paddlefish Retreat at Moraine.

Marie H. and Jen will coordinate the food for Saturday lunch and dinner. In the past, we have had a picnic lunch after our Sunday morning workout before heading home. We are on our own for dinner on Friday evening and breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. They will also coordinate the team members in each cabin and will adhere to any special requests for roommates. Cabins are heated with two bedrooms, a living-dining area and kitchen (stove and microwave but sparsely equipped). Each cabin can comfortably handle six.

Ben is the activities director and will enhance the weekend with excellent workouts Saturday and Sunday, while having a lot of fun on the water. The past couple years workouts have been in canoes.

If you are planning to attend, please give Mina your $30 for the weekend as soon as possible. The cabins were paid for in advance. So far the following people have made their reservations: Kathi and Bob R-D, Dick, Kate, Laurie B., Carolyn F., Frank (2), Judy L., Lisa, Mina, Rich, Marie U. All reservations should be made by April 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeanne.

P.S. Visit the blog archives (May 2006) for pictures and comments about last year's retreat.


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