Any Writers on Board?

Rena Johnson, Editor of the ERDBA Newsletter, has put out a call for articles and announcements for the next edition of the newsletter. Submissions must be received by February 15, but Rena asks that we let her know in advance so that she can plan the appropriate space and placement.

So -- if there are any Paddlefish interested in writing an article, please let me know (either via e-mail or leaving a comment here on the blog) as soon as possible. I will play matchmaker so that we don't end up with a dozen P'fish writing independently about the same thing. (Remember: Teamwork! Camaraderie! Power!)

For samples of previous ERDBA newsletters, please click here.


Blogger Kit said...

I nominate Jonathan to write one about Tale of the Channel (with photo, of course)..... And Kathi to write one on our tradition of annual retreats up at Moraine!

11:02 AM, January 26, 2007  

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