Paddlefish Masters Boat

Tampa: August 2006

Pittsburgh Festival: Roster Check

The Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival is Saturday, September 16th. The day begins around 10 AM (no definite race schedule yet) and will last probably until 6 PM or so -- and then it's time to celebrate! Laurie and Bob are organizing a gathering on the South Side for that, maybe upstairs at Blue Lou's, like last year.

So while many of the details of the day are still tentative, we do need a solid count of who all will be there to compete at the festival in the Paddlefish boats. Please let Rich or me know if you (a) cannot be there at all or (b) can only be there for part of the day.

A number of us are helping with the steering and drumming of various boats there, too -- thank you! If you have friends who would like to help out by collecting paddles and PFDs as teams get into or out of boats, organizing people into lines at the docks, making teams comfortable (think of all the volunteers in the yellow shirts down at Tampa -- now that's what I'm talkin' about!), their help would be very gratefully appreciated! Volunteers can call Kristi at TRRA: 412.231.8772.

NOTE: The Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival race packet is posted online at the Regatta Central web site. You can get to it directly by clicking here: http://regattacentral.com/regatta/packets/307.pdf .


Team Shot from Tampa

This one was taken during one of the lightning delays....


Ready for the 500m Heat

Photo courtesy of Judy L!


That's What I'm Talkin' About!

We're back -- with medals and a trophy paddle and lots of great memories. (And some sore calf muscles for those of us who did a little too much dancing aboard the StarShip!)

Happy birthday to Judy D and Rachel: Women of the Cusp! (Now that's what I'm talkin' about!)


Training advice from Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan says:
After a long workout in my Critter-Crawler, there's nothing I like more than a big plate of vegetables and a nice drink out of my water bottle.

Best of luck to all my new friends in the Paddlefish on your big adventures in Tampa. Go Fast!

P.S. I can't wait until Dick orders the 2" paddles and I can join you at practice!

Tampa Planning

Below is an excerpt from Jeff Campbell's most recent post to the USDB forum re Tampa:

"Weather is looking good. Long range forecasts out to Sunday call for
highs in the mid to upper 80's and low in the upper 70's. Count on
about a 50 to 60% chance of rain, mostly in the afternoon, every day.
We race in rain, stop for lightning. There is no tropical storm
activity and none expected. As a reminder, the Celebration Party on
Sunday evening has a dress code (no shorts, jeans or flip flops), make
sure everyone is aware."


Good Luck in Tampa...

Hi Everyone,

I won't see you between now and when you leave for Tampa...so good luck in Florida. I hope that all goes well. Oh, and have fun, too.

Oh yeah, and Rachel, watch out for those manatees. Here's a link to a manatee cam if any of you are interested: http://www.manateecam.com/manateecam.html. Maybe you can watch the race from underneath the water.

Take care.


Paddle Party!

Partying was aided and abetted by the Ithaca booty :)


... leading to zealous back-porch posing...


... and a very merry coach :)

Save the date for 2007!


New Dragon Boat Paddles

The TRRA Equipment Committee approved the purchase of new paddles earlier this summer. Those paddles have been appropriately tagged by Dick, our Equipment Coordinator Extraordinaire: each is marked with 'TRRA' and a paddle number, plus some indicative tape at the top of the shaft. The new ones also have their length (in inches) marked on the stub end of the T grip.

Here's the coding system for the tape (direct from Dick):

The paddle lengths begin at 44" and increase in 1" increments up to 51".

The colors corresponding to these increments are as follows:

Red, 44"
Blue, 45"
Black, 46"
Yellow, 47"
White, 48"
Green, 49"
Brown, 50"
Brown/Yellow, 51"


A Thank You from Ithaca Asian American Association



From Mary Fisher:

TRRA happy hour events are back and in full swing.The first one will take place on
Friday, August 18 6:00. Come to Casbah in Shadyside and let the fun begin. Here's a list of future events. Please mark your calendars.
Friday, October 13 - Sharp Edge Beer Emporium
Friday, November 10 - Sunnyledge
Friday,December 22 - Red Room (Holiday Happy Hour)
Friday, January 26 - Salsa Dancing (location to be determined)

The address for Casbah is 229 Highland Avenue,Pittsburgh, 15206. The phone number is 412-661-5656.http://www.bigburrito.com/casbah/ Please feel free to bring friends, colleagues, and spouses. The more the merrier. Hope you can join us!

This is a great opportunity to get together with other TRRA folk.


Don't Try This at Home

You know how we are always telling people how the boats never tip?

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXL-qldo7qA&mode=related&search= .




See what happens when you get rid of your drummer and steersperson?

To-Do List for Tampa Nationals

The Tampa event involves more details than we're accustomed to with other festivals -- because it's the nationals! Coordinating all these details with all the Pfish is a huge job..... (thanks, Carolyn!)

Two urgent items of business for any Paddlefish heading to Tampa:

    (1) You will need to complete yet another waiver and turn it in to Carolyn Newkirk by this Saturday, August 5th. You can pick up a copy of the waiver at practice tonight, and I will also attach an electronic copy to Friday's update message that you can print out and return to Carolyn.

    (2) The closing ceremonies/ awards presentation will be held on the Yacht StarShip on Sunday evening, August 27th, from 6 PM to 9 PM. This event require tickets, which cost $15 per person and must be ordered by team: no personal reservations will be accepted. One order per club with payment must be submitted by August 16th. The cruise will be limited to the first 800 individuals, and we don't want to get shut out, so if you have any interest in going, please give Carolyn Freeman a check for $15 within the next week. (If you have not yet given her a check for your registration fee, you could give her a check for $50 and that will cover both your registration and your party ticket!) Dress for the party/closing ceremonies is listed as "business casual," by which they mean no shorts, jeans, or flip-flops (sorry, Kate!). Heavy hors d'oeuvres and action station items (we are not sure what this is) are included; a cash bar will be available.

Paddlefish Stocking This Morning!

Jim and Judy R, Lori, Judy L, and Mina tagged over 8000 baby paddlefish yesterday. The Ohio River will be stocked with the fish this morning at 10:30 AM at the Kilbuck Access -- please contact Jim if you'd like more info!


Postcard from Thailand

Steve Hirtle (TRRA-Pfish Men's Team) sent this postcard from Thailand, but noted that he hasn't yet seen any dragon boats actually plying the waters there! (Can you imagine doing a sprint-to-the-finish in this thing?!)

Saturday's Party With Healthy Hearts

The Paddlefish and the Healthy Hearts & Souls rowing crew are getting together Saturday morning at 10 AM to have some fun on the water together, followed by a party/picnic at the Millvale boathouse. Marie H. and Kit are coordinating refreshment contributions from the Pfish; Terri is coordinating from the HH&S crew.

Ada is making her Purple Surprise Punch (one virgin version plus one hootchie-cootchie version), Kris is bringing her famous turkey sandwich ring and to-die-for guacamole, Judy D is bringing some beer and her yummy breakfast casserole. We’re looking for some more brunch casseroles (egg-and-cheese? French toast?), some fruit, some cookies/chocolate, some more beverages (water, soda, perhaps a bit more beer), and some of your specialties.

Please let Marie or Kit know if you can bring something – and (please!) let us know if you can help with set up and clean up.