Pittsburgh Festival: Roster Check

The Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival is Saturday, September 16th. The day begins around 10 AM (no definite race schedule yet) and will last probably until 6 PM or so -- and then it's time to celebrate! Laurie and Bob are organizing a gathering on the South Side for that, maybe upstairs at Blue Lou's, like last year.

So while many of the details of the day are still tentative, we do need a solid count of who all will be there to compete at the festival in the Paddlefish boats. Please let Rich or me know if you (a) cannot be there at all or (b) can only be there for part of the day.

A number of us are helping with the steering and drumming of various boats there, too -- thank you! If you have friends who would like to help out by collecting paddles and PFDs as teams get into or out of boats, organizing people into lines at the docks, making teams comfortable (think of all the volunteers in the yellow shirts down at Tampa -- now that's what I'm talkin' about!), their help would be very gratefully appreciated! Volunteers can call Kristi at TRRA: 412.231.8772.

NOTE: The Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival race packet is posted online at the Regatta Central web site. You can get to it directly by clicking here: http://regattacentral.com/regatta/packets/307.pdf .


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