To-Do List for Tampa Nationals

The Tampa event involves more details than we're accustomed to with other festivals -- because it's the nationals! Coordinating all these details with all the Pfish is a huge job..... (thanks, Carolyn!)

Two urgent items of business for any Paddlefish heading to Tampa:

    (1) You will need to complete yet another waiver and turn it in to Carolyn Newkirk by this Saturday, August 5th. You can pick up a copy of the waiver at practice tonight, and I will also attach an electronic copy to Friday's update message that you can print out and return to Carolyn.

    (2) The closing ceremonies/ awards presentation will be held on the Yacht StarShip on Sunday evening, August 27th, from 6 PM to 9 PM. This event require tickets, which cost $15 per person and must be ordered by team: no personal reservations will be accepted. One order per club with payment must be submitted by August 16th. The cruise will be limited to the first 800 individuals, and we don't want to get shut out, so if you have any interest in going, please give Carolyn Freeman a check for $15 within the next week. (If you have not yet given her a check for your registration fee, you could give her a check for $50 and that will cover both your registration and your party ticket!) Dress for the party/closing ceremonies is listed as "business casual," by which they mean no shorts, jeans, or flip-flops (sorry, Kate!). Heavy hors d'oeuvres and action station items (we are not sure what this is) are included; a cash bar will be available.


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