Toronto Race Schedule

The race schedule for the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival is now online.

Saturday's heats are set by team. Sunday's finals will be determined by heat results.

Paddlefish Women's Boat:

(1) Saturday, 10:20 AM ==> HEAT 4 (vs the Wonderbroads, Spirit of Oster Lady Dragons, Les Dragonesses, and Cobourg Tsugoi Women)

(2) Saturday, 13:20 PM ==> HEAT 8 (vs Spirit of Osler Lady Dragons, Les Dragonesses, S'wet Bandits, and Drag'n Blades)

Paddlefish Mixed Boat:

(1) Saturday, 14:50 PM ==> HEAT 29 (vs Beneteau Bateau, JOI Luck Club, Scotia Rouge, BI Dragons, and Water Warriors)

(2) Saturday, 17:00 PM ==> HEAT 39 (vs Rock the Boats, Water Warriors, Beneteau Bateau, Leap'n Lizards, and the Wall Street Dragons


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