Happy Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat) Day!

May 31st is Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat) Festival Day! Time to celebrate!

  • The Paddlefish will mark the occasion with raised glasses at Red Fin Blues during tonight's practice. (Whoever best says "Happy Tuen Ng" with the appropriate intonation gets a free beer.)

  • Send a Dragon Boat Festival Card! http://www.crayola.com/cardcreator/index.cfm?action=holidays&id=59

  • Take a break at work and watch how the flag-catching part of dragon boat racing in Taiwan works! See http://dragon2006.nihs.tp.edu.tw/. Any volunteers to catch the flag for us after we leave Red Fin Blues tonight?


Blogger Jonathan said...

ahhhh... to be catching those flags right now - but alas, most of us had too much to eat I think :)

aaaaaanyway. My old high school friend , Pete, is living in Hong Kong at the moment and just posted about Tuen Ng on his blog. Go take a look:


Paddles Up!

10:33 PM, May 31, 2006  

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