Details for Today's USA GrandMasters Testing and Scouting for Other Divisions

Best wishes to all of the paddlers doing time trials and paddling evaluations in Pittsburgh today for a chance to compete at the national level! Rotate!

From Ellen Law:

Confirming the following schedule for the Thursday ERG and on-water testing/evaluation.

. 3ish-5PM and 8-9PM - Three Rivers Rowing Club: Millvale
. http://www.threeriversrowing.org/directions-m.html
. In Millvale Waterfront Park - off Route 28, near 40th St Br
. All CLUB USA candidates timed on a Concept II rowing ERG
at 200m, 500m and 1k distances (with damper set at 2).
10-15 minute break between each distance. CLUB USA tests
done WITHOUT a paddle adaptor.
. Folks interested in testing for the Philadelphia Dragon
Boat Association (men, senior men, mixed, senior mixed) or
Philadelphia Spirit (women, senior women) crews will be
timed on the same Concept II rowing ERG at only a 500m
distance WITH a paddle adaptor. PDBA and Spirit crews
are the current US National Champions.
. non-TRR members should expect to complete waivers...and
thank the facility for use of their equipment.

. 5:30-7:15 - Fox Chapel Yacht Club (Steel City Dragons)
. http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?src=maps&1sb=revise&2l=LocjHJGi%2fyY%3d&2g=gM8q5I%2fq%2bj8%3d&2v=ADDRESS&2a=1366%20Old%20Freeport%20Rd&2c=Pittsburgh&2s=PA&2z=15238%2d3169&2y=US&2pn=&2pl=&cat=
. Will try to run 5:30 and 6:30 (5:30-6:15, 6:30-7:15)
testing sessions. First come first serve. Paddling
candidates "max'd" at 4-5 per session. Will also need
to wait until we get 7-8 volunteer paddlers to help us
with the testing.
. Note: Steel City Dragons have a scheduled 6:30
practice, and will likely be there early to help out.
Make sure to thank them for their equipment and support!
. Non-Steel City Dragon members should expect to complete
waivers. Make sure to bring your own equipment: paddles,
. STEERING candidates need to make sure they get their
steering time in.

I will be on the road by 6AM...and plan to lunch at the
Water front mall. I can be reached either by sending
an email message to my cell (2017380918@mmode.com,
max at 100 char) or leaving a voice message.

Here's a little background on IDBF/USDBF racing classes
and the Philly crews I will help scout for.
. Racing Classes for Men, Women, Mixed
. Jrs - Must NOT have reached the age of ?? by 1/1/2006
. Premier - No age restrictions
. Senior/Masters - Steerer, paddlers must have
reached at least 39 by 1/1/2006
. Grand Masters/Grand Dragons - Steerer, paddlers
must have reached at least 49 by 1/1/2006

. 2006 represents the first US National Championship
offered to the Grand Masters racing class.

. 2004 Iowa US National Champions - TEAM USA
representatives at 2004 Shanghai and 2005
Berlin World Championships...
. Philadelphia Dragon Boat Assoc (PDBA) =
Premier Men + Mixed, Senior Men + Mixed
Head Coach = Bob McNamara
> . Philadelphia Spirit = Premier + Senior Women
> Head Coach = Margaret Gordon

. CLUB USA Grand Masters Mixed crew - represents a
continuation of our 2005 Gold Medal winning Berlin
crew --- for this year's US Nationals. We, Amiee
Moyers and myself (both members of the gold medal
World Championship winners with the Spirit gals
at the 2003 Poland World Championships) are working
to provide opportunities and share our network with
those fanatics among you! 8-)

PHEW! I'm ready to hit the road!

I am looking forward to meeting y'all!!!

Ellen Law


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