Weather Reminder; Some 'Princely' Motivation

  • This is the season for quirky weather -- it may look sunny where you are and be storming in Millvale, or it may be storming where you are and sunny at the boat house! Bottom line: please come to practice, rain or shine. Ignore what you see out your window! If there's no thunder and lightning at the boathouse, we'll take the boat out; if there's a storm there, we'll work out inside till the storm passes.

  • Prince's new CD, 3121, closes with these lyrics: Get on the boat!

    Get on the boat
    Get on the boat, people
    Get on the boat now
    We got room 4 a hundred more
    Good god!
    Say it again

    We were meant 2 live 2gether
    Underneath the sun
    I can't think of nothing better
    Don't U wanna come?
    Get on the boat


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