Gobble Gobble

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving filled with lots of turkey, stuffing, and my personal favorite, mashed potatoes. There is no official practice Saturday morning but if you want to work out after consuming those massive amounts of calories, there are many options available. If your just dying to erg, the Washington's Landing boathouse will most likely be open. If erging "isnt your style" a jog around your neighborhood or a local track might be a good idea. Or, if your like me, Saturday will be spent lounging around the house eating Thanksgiving leftovers, and THAT is a workout in itself. Come Monday, though, Ill be back to working out.

If anyone has any ideas for other holiday workouts or wants to get a group together to work out Saturday post a comment. All ideas are welcome.

A Day at the Races

Joei, Rich, and Bob enjoying a recent victory and looking forward to kicking some more dragon butt in 2006!


Philadelphia Festival

The Philadelphia Dragon Boat Festival is on our list of proposed races for the 2006 season. This festival fills up FAST; in fact, teams who sign up now are put on a waiting list!

Please mark your calendars: October 7, 2006. If anyone has a concern about including this race in our set of competitions next year, please let Laurie or Ben know ASAP.



If people are interested in the optional Thursday workout, come join a bunch of us down at the Oliver Bath House in the South Side at 6:30 to give swimming a try. Questions? Ask Stefani tomorrow night. Click on the Oliver Bath House link for info on rates and location.

Gutbuster Run

We don't have practice the night before Thanksgiving or the Saturday after, so if you're looking for another way to get your blood moving before enjoying mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie, there's the Harry Holland Gutbuster Run in Frick Park -- 10 AM on Thanksgiving morning.

Distances are 8 mile (the true gutbuster!), 4 mile, and 2 mile. For more info, see http://www.geocities.com/gprrc/2005_schedule.html .


We Love You, Georgia!

Georgia, the butt pad notes are just the very briefest summary of our thoughts and feelings about how much we're going to miss you! You've been a fantastic teammate and strong competitor. The Minnesota paddlers are so lucky that your forcefield is moving in their direction!


2006 Steering committee

We had a fantastic dinner at Alexander's. One calm table, one talkative table, and one table out of control but with a hint of timing (video review of the wave on Monday, nice deflection Chuck!).

Votes were cast and decisions were made for the 2006 steering committee based on those in attendance. And they are:

Sargent at Arms - Bob
Treasurer - Carolyn Freeman
Fundraising - Jack
Recruiting - Kit
Logistics - Rich
Equipment - Dick
Captain - Laurie Butler

These committee members will vote on the steering committee chair soon.

If you did not make the annual dinner I hope your food was as good as ours. Either way if the weather is good you can work it off on the water Saturday. Go Paddlefish!!



Paddlefish Pull Ahead

Pulling strong to a victory in the mixed finals of the 2005 Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival!


Sports Nutrition Talk

Eat to Compete
12:15-1:15 Thursday, November 10th
featuring Leslie Bonci, R.D.
St. Joseph's Hall, Gymnasium
Carlow University


Mon, Wed workouts

I will explain the basics of this at practice and will explain the bigger training program if I have a chance.

Monday Nov 7

10 min erg wu
Z5: 2 x 10 min r 2min
10 min wd
(youth/ men)

Weights (not for fresh fish)
2 x 5ex {30 r 30
Curcuit 2 x 5ex {30sec r 30
2 x 5ex {30 r 30
Ex:db bench press, db bench pull, db shoulders raises front LR, db bi curls LR, db rotator cuff LR

Medicine Ball (for fresh fish Men & youth)
2 x 4ex {30sec r 30
Ex: straight toss, side toss, over the head toss, back to back

Monday note: This is a shorter practice and its a nice day. Get the boat to the dock and push off by 6:40 and we will take a quick spin around the island. If you miss the boat you can catch the main workout inside Must be back indoors by 7:15.

10 min wu {5min easy 5x1min r 15"
Z5: 2 x 20 min steady state

Fresh fish ergs:
10 min wu {5min easy 5x1min r 15"
Z5: 2 x 10 min steady state (easy)
Z4: 5 min (just above easy)

Floor exercises
2 x 5ex {50 r 10
ex: pushups, supermans, flutter kicks, rowers, side bridges LR


Are the Pfish Competitive?

Maybe it depends what's on the line.... If there's a rubber duck in the water worth 200 points and the day's honor, then maybe ramming the other boat, immobilizing the opposing steersman, and diving into the November waters of the Allegheny all seem perfectly reasonable things to do.


Tale of the Channel Menu

OK so it only took me a couple of trys to get on the blog.

Here is the menu thus far. Please let me know if you will be adding to the menu so we can be sure to have enough space and warming time. E mail me at lee.nesler@wpahumane.org

See you then.


1. Artichoke- spinach- crab dip with pita and crackers- Lee
2. French Toast Casserole- Rich Smith
3. Chicken Soup- Ada
4. Warm Apple Crisp- Jen
5. Meatballs- Judy
6. Black Bean Dip and Tortilla Chips - Bob

1. Dessert- Carolyn

1. Beer- Case -Georgia
2. Beer- Case
3. Apple Cider- Hot -Laurie