Mon, Wed workouts

I will explain the basics of this at practice and will explain the bigger training program if I have a chance.

Monday Nov 7

10 min erg wu
Z5: 2 x 10 min r 2min
10 min wd
(youth/ men)

Weights (not for fresh fish)
2 x 5ex {30 r 30
Curcuit 2 x 5ex {30sec r 30
2 x 5ex {30 r 30
Ex:db bench press, db bench pull, db shoulders raises front LR, db bi curls LR, db rotator cuff LR

Medicine Ball (for fresh fish Men & youth)
2 x 4ex {30sec r 30
Ex: straight toss, side toss, over the head toss, back to back

Monday note: This is a shorter practice and its a nice day. Get the boat to the dock and push off by 6:40 and we will take a quick spin around the island. If you miss the boat you can catch the main workout inside Must be back indoors by 7:15.

10 min wu {5min easy 5x1min r 15"
Z5: 2 x 20 min steady state

Fresh fish ergs:
10 min wu {5min easy 5x1min r 15"
Z5: 2 x 10 min steady state (easy)
Z4: 5 min (just above easy)

Floor exercises
2 x 5ex {50 r 10
ex: pushups, supermans, flutter kicks, rowers, side bridges LR


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