Raftin July 10

This Sunday (July 10) our company, Laural Highlands, has a slow day so I was able to work out a good group deal for those interested - 15% off for a lower trip (thats the class 2-3 section). trips usually take 3-5 hours, include a decent deli lunch on the river and of course the best guides in the buisness. You can choose from fully guided (a guide in your boat) or just guided (a guide standing on a rock telling you where to go and helping you off rocks if you get stuck.) The first trip check in time is 10am and it is a 1h 30m drive from downtown. depending on how many people come the better the deal I can get, this invite is going out to all- you, your family, friends. The only thing is that I have to call the reservation in as a group on Saturday (July 9) so will need to have a good count by Friday.

I will try to setup a date later in the summer if folks can not make this short notice - plan on $60 - $70 per person with a recomended min. age of 12. (the fully guided costs about $20 more).

Post responses here or email Lindsey by Friday morning - lindseynicolemiller@yahoo.com

Find out more by calling or webbing - 1800-4RAFTIN or www.laurelhighlands.com


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