Toronto: Oh Yeah!

What a great weekend! Super teamwork and fast racing (2:19:78 in the final), a beautiful venue, well-organized races, lots and lots of friendly teams, six boats on the water, and a beer garden on site!

We missed you, Lisa, and we were thinking of you! Can't wait till next year when you can enjoy Toronto with us.

Some 2005 Toronto moments:

Chuck riding the wake;

Kathy slipping off her seat, catching herself before she crashed into Ben, and getting back in time within one stroke!;

Oh, those life jackets..... Next year we bring our own or a bag of clothespins for our noses;

Having family there -- all of Kathy's relatives, Doug's mom and Misty -- our very own on-shore cheering section;

Mina's "was that a 250?!";

Ben's paddle smacks;

Jordan's "first" beer; and

The change in the way the U teams in our final looked at us as we lined up for the boats and then the way they looked at us after they got to the other side of the finish line. Yes!!!

More moments?


Blogger lisa said...

Congratulations Paddlefish, you did fantastically well and I am so sorry not to have been with you -- let's look forward to next year. I am finally back in the office and hopefully back on the water soon.

10:28 AM, June 27, 2005  

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