VO Festival Success

Great job at the Venture Outdoors Festival this weekend! This morning's Post-Gazette included a nice photo of Marie drumming for one of the 4:00 boats (you can also see Lisa in the second bench and the top of Carolyn's head!).

Everyone stayed organized and flexible, so things went smoothly and people seemed to have a very good time. I hope we'll see some of the paddlers in the DBL in June -- and then in the Pfish boat by July! I don't know what the official numbers are, but figure we took out at least 11 boats, and each boat had at least 16 paddlers.... Take away some who were children, and you still have over 100 adults who had never been in a dragon boat before and now -- in the words of one of the young men in the 11:00 boat -- know that it's a "freakin' awesome" experience!

All the Pfish involved did a fantastic job. Congratulations -- and thanks!!!!!


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