Boating & Water Safety Awareness Clinic

The PA Fish and Boat Commission is running a two-session Boating and Water Safety Awareness Course next week at the Millvale boathouse.

Sessions run from 6 PM till 10 PM (probably won't really run till 10 PM, but...) on Tuesday, May 31st, and Thursday, June 2nd. This is a two-session course; cost is $10, payable to the Fish & Boat Commission at the clinic.

Official Description: "This course certifies participants in boating and water safety, following the PA Fish & Boat Commission curriculum. Four hours of class time plus four hours of canoe time teaches the skills important to be a safe boater in PA. Topics include boat requirements by law, boating age, navigation, emergency procedures, pfd types, signage, infraction penalties, canoe rescue and basic instruction."

I strongly encourage you to take this course if you can fit it in your schedule. We will continue to be called on to volunteer for things like Learn to Paddle and the Dragon Boat League, and a strong background in water safety will make us even better volunteers! Registration is online (http://www.cmiregistration.com/user/org/program.jxp?org=198&id=32846&refresh=1115394625020).


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