Moraine Retreat

Thanks to Ben's great coaching work and the logistic crew's great organizational efforts, we had a wonderful weekend at Moraine State Park. We learned a lot about the relationship between a paddle, a boat, and some water -- and we learned a lot about ourselves. I really appreciate everyone who was there helping to make this a wonderful team experience.

Some highlights: Lori's coffeepot, swallows on the lake, Kate's cake, Kathi's patience with my steering us in circles, the 360-degree races, Bob's weightlifting grab bag (and sword), Cabin 8's hospitality, Jen's determined analysis of the team star challenge, Ben's patience, and paddling in the Sunday morning snow with the geese (AKA "poopers") and the osprey.


Blogger lisa said...

I would like to add my thanks to the organizing committee - and thanks to Laurie B and Carolyn who paddled with my dead weight. I enjoyed the time we all spent together and the beauty of the lake and birds and park.
But... how about spring training in Florida next year?

10:29 AM, April 26, 2005  

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