Channel Challenge: Scrimmage #1

The scrimmage in the channel last night will serve as noteworthy fodder for local dragonboat yore! Bob has pointed out the need to get some PFD patches to commemorate each rock strike, boat hit, bridge ram, etc.....

Great work on concentration in the first race, guys. We lost, yeah, but just by a nose.

Great start on the second race -- and hey, talk about a dramatic finish!

Now we need to put the two parts together: focus and power. I'm looking forward to Monday's practice and to kicking dragon tail in DC!


Blogger lisa said...

Wasn't that fun -- seriously we should have won that first race, we need a longer dragon head on our boat!! (OK so a little more power would help as well)
Such a pity work has to interfere with Dragon Boating so much ..

3:05 PM, May 20, 2005  

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