Seasons Change

We're at the end of our winter season: the river calls! Starting next week (first full week of April), we'll be back to a Monday/Wednesday/Saturday schedule. Practice starts at 6:30 PM on Mon/Wed (try to be there a little bit before that, if you can, so we can get into a routine of starting to move the boat to the water AT 6:30) and at 9:00 AM on Saturdays -- all at Millvale.

Calendar reminders: Our team meeting to set priorities/long-term plans is on for next Saturday, April 9th, at 11 AM.

Next Mullaney's date is April 10th at 6:30 PM. Come for the trivia or come for the beer! (You don't have to play the trivia game, honest! You can just have a beer and some fried pickles and make fun of those of us who are playing trivia and think that the name of the banker on Beverly Hillbillies was Don Drysdale!)


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