New York Paddling Regatta: The Medals Sweep

Congratulations to all of the TRRA paddlers who competed in this past weekend's ERDBA Indoor Paddling Regatta in New York City! Great job!

In the teams division, the TRRA/Paddlefish Open Women's Team took the silver in the 500M: Ada, Lisa, Mina, and Judy.

In the men's 1000M, Eric took first place in the student division and Nathan took second. Ben earned a silver in the men's 1000M working division (with a time -- gulp -- of 5:04.5 ... all due to rotation, of course).

In the senior women's 500M, Judy earned a gold medal (3:18.8) and Lisa a silver (3:025.8) in their class; Mina won a silver (3:06.0) and Ada a bronze (3:14.1) in their class.

In the senior women's 250M heavyweight class, Mina paddled to the gold, Lisa took silver, and Judy picked up a bronze medal! A Pfish sweep!

Ada won a silver medal in the senior women's 250M lightweight class, and Ben won a bronze in the working men's 250M lightweight group.

Thanks to all of them for traveling to New York to represent Pittsburgh paddlers so very, very effectively!


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