Think Spring!

Forget all that snow on the ground and the 3-degrees-Fahrenheit wind chill this morning, spring is definitely on the way. We’ll be on the water soon!

The water’s going to be cold, though, and we’re going to get wet, so some reminders for what-to-wear: Fleece and wool are your friends in those conditions; cotton is not. Layers are a great idea. Neoprene gloves will help protect your hands, especially the one that’s going to be dipping in the water 30 to 40 times a minute. (You can pick up a pair of Stearns Sportsman’s Gloves at www.campmor.com for about $15.)

Might be good for all of us to throw a bag of on-the-water clothes into the car when we come to practices from now on, just in case we hit conditions where we could take the boat out.


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