Giant Eagle will sell gift cards to the team at a discount- following is taken from their website. The more we purchase at any given time the bigger the discount we get, ranging from 2 - 5%. I am willing to organize this if there is enough support. The money we make can then be used for scholarships for travel, uniforms, race fees etc.

"Purchased in quantity, the Giant Eagle Gift Card is offered to non-profit organizations at various discount levels. The Gift Cards can then be resold at face value and used just like cash for most merchandise from Giant Eagle store departments like The Bake Shop, The Famous Deli, The Farmers Market, Iggle Video, The Gift Garden or The ProSeries Photo Center.

The Giant Eagle Gift Card is available in denominations of $10, $15, $25, $50 and $100. Customers can use the card just like cash and it automatically recalculates the balance so it can be used for the full value. At the checkout, a customer gives the cashier the previously purchased card. The cashier completes the transaction, automatically deducts the amount and the receipt reflects the remaining card balance."

If you would be willing to participate in this please email me or post here with an estimate of how many dollars in gift cards you would be likely to buy each month. Note that you will not have to pay for the whole month's upfront, but until we get rolling we need to have a good estimate. Also remember you can sell these gift cards at face value to family, friends and co-workers.

This is a chance to expand the team by offering some scholarship help - and after all we all have to eat!! If there is enough support I will make the application to Giant Eagle.


Blogger Kit said...

Is it a piece of plastic, Lisa, or a piece of paper/gift certificate kind of thing? I'm asking only because I could probably keep track of one better than the other! Would it be reasonable to start out the first month with a $50 "card" for each person on the travel team? Does that seem too much or not enough as a starting point?

4:03 PM, May 26, 2004  
Blogger lisa said...

I just checked and the gift cards are plastic, I assume similar to those used by Target, Marshalls etc. You simply give the card to the cashier and the amount spent is deducted from the card which is then returned to you.

9:08 AM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm in - it sounds easy. I'm not sure how many I'd sell to others, but I would certainly buy them for me - probably about 100/month during the summer (when Anna's home) and 50-75/mo when she is gone.

11:41 AM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger laurie b said...

I'm in! I probably spend at least $250 a month at Giant--more if I don't shop wherever I happen to be--Shop N Save, Kuhns, Festival... and I'm sure I can get my neighbor to buy the cards--she must spend $1000 a month.

11:47 AM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger laurie b said...

So--I suppose we can set a goal of at least 12 people buying an average of $150 per month= $1800 x 5%= $90 per month= $1080 per year. Is that doable? That would give us enough for fees for two races a year plus a little extra?

12:19 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger chuck said...

I'd be up for it. Why not start with $100 per person per month?

1:01 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger lisa said...

ANd yes we still get all our Giant Eagle discounts with our own membership card, the gift card simply acts as cash.

3:20 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger Chris said...

I'm willing to commit to $50-75 per month for myself. Might be able to sell some to family, but that's likely to be sporadic.

4:31 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger KathiRD said...

I could do $200/month-maybe it would help me budget better!!

8:53 PM, May 28, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Yay! Lisa got the green light from Giant Eagle. Thanks, Lisa!

9:43 AM, June 15, 2004  

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