2008 Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Races

Paddle cheers go out to so many folks...

Paddlefish PICL LAURIE B, for coaching and paddling like a champ despite a bloody foot ** BEN L for organizing a great day of racing ** RISSA and Dave's grandson, RJ, for leading our fundraising efforts ** LORI S for spending her birthday paddling with us ** and all of the paddlers who came from near and far to race in Pittsburgh.

and congrats to the Pittsburgh Paddlefish, 3rd place mixed division and 1st place women's division at the 2008 Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Races!


I'm still recovering from this weekend

Friday, endless 6-minute pieces and a 12 inning game

Saturday, more paddling, starts and refueling

Sunday, Laurie's steering debut
It's hard to see due to Scott's blinding paleness,
but they are both under their respective national flags. Cool, eh?

And to top it all off, someone had time to have a birthday...

Happy Birthday Kris!
Hope you had a great day on Sunday, thanks for sharing your birthday
weekend with us! And thanks to everyone for paddling your hearts out this weekend.


The second race of the season,

was in Pickering, Ontario last weekend.

Anyone have action shots? I only have photos of us rocking the snazzy new race jerseys, crooked tails and all!

Big thanks to Scott for encouraging us to participate in this race, it was a great event!



Greetings from Luxembourg! Moien is "hello" in Luxembourgish, the local French/German dialect.
The picture of me is taken in Luxembourg City looking out over top of the valley that splits the city and shows one of the three bridges that crosses the valley.
I'm having so much fun exploring the city on my own (and working!), but I definitely miss the team! I heard the DC races went well and Pickering also went well, despite a misalignment during the last race.
Hope Ithaca and the Pittsburgh festivals go well. I'm there in spirit!


A few photos from the DC race,

courtesy of Sean and Jim Robertson. Thanks for the great shots!


CAPITAL BY STORM (in a storm?)

The Paddlefish raced this past Saturday and Sunday on the Potomac. Our ability to focus and work as a team proved to be a strong asset. We took second place (silver bling) in both the 250m and the 500m race categories. In spite of competing against teams with a noticeably younger average age, a full compliment of men, and a downpour on Saturday, the Paddlefish prevailed consistently. We also gained race experience for some of the newer Paddlefish, and if my observations are correct they all thoroughly enjoyed the competition and competing. Paddlefish cheers to all who participated- onto Pickering!

PS- I don't have any pictures- hopefully someone will follow up with a few